Stone Rockford: Part 1

Articles | Aug 3rd, 2008

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A long time ago I began writing a fake Livejournal story about a man named Stone Rockford. I was inspired by an old NES game called “Deja Vu”. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish the thing but since I haven’t had much to blog about recently I’ll just post it on here.

What happened?

I woke up this morning in a bathroom stall wearing a trench coat and stinking of cheap cologne. Who wears a trench coat in the john anyway? The only personal belongings on me is this business card with the name Stone Rockford (my god I hope this isn’t me) and this notebook with a pen from some insurance company in Iowa. (my god I hope this isn’t me)

How I got here is beyond my recollection. No memory of the past but the cologne sure does smell good. MMMMMM. Wonder where I got it.

It appears that I’m in a diner. Guess I’ll get me some Corn Flakes and and a cup of joe. Might as well keep track of everything I do in this little notebook. Might come in handy the next time I pass out in the can. I can use it like a memory refresher course.

After breakfast I’ll investigate how I got here…right now my Corn Flakes are getting soggy.