The Art of Peaking

Articles | Dec 21st, 2007

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When I was younger, my brothers and I were the Kings at peaking at Christmas presents. After realizing that my parents were really the ones giving us presents, we just had to know what they got us. Hey, I still believe in Santa Claus and still think I saw him to this day but let’s not talk about how crazy I am at the moment shall we.

Every time my parents left the house, one brother would keep a look-out and the other two would search the house for the Xmas presents. Each year my parents decided to hide it in other places. One year, they decided to lock it in an old chest, right in the living room! My parents are very sneaky parents, who would have thought they would have hid the presents right where we watched TV. My oldest brother would get the screwdrivers out, unscrew the hinges, and lift up the top to see if the presents were in there. Usually the presents were already wrapped so it was time to go into peak mode, phase 2. We would get the X-acto knives out and gently slide the scotch tape off. We’d look at the presents and then put it back where it was. Of course we would mess things up sometimes and rip a package or mess up the chest the presents were hidden in. Another year, my parents hid the presents in their room and the carpet in their room was tricky. Usually when you walked on it, it left a trace of your foot prints. So we had to brush the foot markings away, so it didn’t look like we were in the room. You got to cover your tracks people!

I always felt guilty afterwards and had to pretend to be surprised when I opened the presents during Christmas morning. Towards the end of my high school tenure, my parents just didn’t care anymore and left the presents out in the open. My Mom would pretty much tell us what we got anyway, but after awhile; I just didn’t want to be spoiled anymore. It’s fun to not know what you are getting. But of course when you’re a kid you want to spoil everything and find out right then and now. Thankfully I’m older now and can appreciate gift giving a lot more.


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