The Haunted L. Village Asylum

Articles | Sep 26th, 2006

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*Disclaimer: This place is illegal to visit so if you see a trespassing sign, use your common sense. If you trespass, it’s on your own terms, not ours.*

First there was the “shithand incident,” now there is proof that this place is indeed, haunted…

Yet another beautiful fall night. What to do, what to do? How about take advantage of the lovely weather and go explore one of my favorite abandoned places, L. Village Asylum? Exploring is always a good idea in my mind. Plus, my friend and her boyfriend haven’t been there, so it’s always fun to take new people for a good scare. Little did I know, tonight was going to be full of scares.

First stop, the main building. We wanted to check out the library first. See if there were any patient files left, any random books, just about anything cool to take home with us. Unfortunately, idiot kids set fires inside the building for shits and giggles over the past year, destroying almost everything. We took some time to browse around anyways, with some small hope we’d come across something. What we came across was NOT what I was wanting/expecting.

Now, mind you, this place has been abandoned for awhile. At LEAST 10 years if not more. There is no power, there’s no REASON for there to be power so you’re not expecting anything too crazy to randomly turned out. At first I thought I was hearing things…I thought I was going crazy, and hell I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.

Then I heard it again, it was a banging sound. Like someone was hitting metal repeatedly. I shined my flashlight into the next room and saw a weird white-metal box. As the light hit it, the sound started again. My friend’s boyfriend went over to it to see if there was maybe an animal or if it was plugged in. Nothing. As he was walking back towards us, that’s when it happened.

Three LOUD kicks to whatever this metal box white. KICKS folks. Something KICKED that damn box. I screamed and ran the hell out of the building. NEVER has anything that frightening happened. All of my times visiting the asylum I was never more scared.

After a few moments of me flipping out almost crying, we then went to the next building to explore. There, we were able to explore in peace where we found, silly enough, two medals from The Special Olympics. (now dammit you KNOW I had to take one…lol). I was less scared now, so I figured, “why not, let’s try one more building”. The whole time we were sneaking around, trying to avoid some random dude in a truck driving around patrolling the area…it was very horror movie-esque and I was loving it all.

The next building, at first, was pretty nifty. Lot’s of pictures, boxes, old tools. It was great. Great until we heard what sounded as if someone was dragging a desk, or something heavy. That right there…was our cue to call it a night. Call me crazy folks, but, this shit really happened. Go there and check it out yourself sometime. I guarantee you’ll get just as frightened as we were.