The Metallica Defense

Articles | Apr 21st, 2009

So I’ve noticed I stir up some trouble anytime I mention Metallica and after having an intelligent conversation about the band yesterday (for the first time, ever) I decided to write a lovely article. Of course, comments with your thoughts/opinions are welcome, but if you insult my intelligence because of my views, then you’re just an idiot.

As I’m just beginning to write this, the first song that comes onto my iTunes is “King Nothing” so I’ll begin my thoughts by talking about the infamous Load album. This was the beginning of the “let’s hate Metallica now because it’s cool” phase, mostly because they cut their hair…what? Really? People who bought the album saw the back cover, noticed the guys with short hair and completely freaked out. Does hair length really affect musical talent?

Then they listened to the album and to drama got even worse. Yes, Load AND Reload are very different from all of the prior albums, but they are still excellent works of musical amazingness. “King Nothing,” “Ain’t My Bitch,” “Until it Sleeps,” “Wasting My Hate,” “MaMa Said,” are all great tunes. Just because the album doesn’t sound like Master of Puppets or …And Justice for All means this album still doesn’t rock your face off?

The band has grown with the times. They’ve matured and tried new things with their sounds. And for that, I give them major props. Way to NOT be the same thing for years and years. Honestly, that’s boring. Good job for bringing something new to fans. ReLoad is just as awesome. “Fixxxer,” “Fuel,” “Attitude,” “Unforgiven 2,” do I really need to go on? Both albums are musically and lyrics fantastic. I don’t care if they don’t sound like all of the prior ones. Music is music. Who cares if they wanted to try something different? Maybe it’s because I love all forms of music, and that’s why I can appreciate these for what they are?

People also freaked out when they released S&M, which I thought was genius. What a way to make their songs even more epic than they already were! Especially “Nothing Else Matters” St. Anger definitely isn’t their best, BUT “Frantic,” “The UnNamed Feeling,” and even “St. Anger” are great, fun rockin’ tunes. I’m not a big fan of Trujilio, but he is indeed growing on me as time goes on and I listen to the newer album more.

As for the newer album, “Unforgiven 3” is unfuckingbelieveably amazing. I don’t care if you people hate on it, I love it. The piano/violin intro, the chorus…I can’t stop listening to it! Adding piano and violin to any song makes it not only beautiful, but epic as well.

Of course, Metallica are also the kings of cover tunes. Everything from the Misfits to Lynyrd Skynyrd to old school Diamond Head. They rock it all out. But, anytime I bring up Garage Inc. people always bad mouth it. Calling it “shit” and once again “it’s not real metal/Metallica”. People are going to have to get over the fact that they will never be the same as when Burton was in the band. People change so of course bands are going to change, am I right?

I got off on this rant a little bit too much…and most of it probably makes no sense…but I felt the need to go on about the “dissed” “underrated” tunes and albums. Do yourself a favor, and actually LISTEN to everything from Load on. I know for a fact that 90% of the people who talk shit about Metallica, have never even heard the song Fixxxer or Wasting My Hate.

Now, don’t think I hate the albums before Load! They are by far the most brilliant Metal albums…EVER. Actually, not even in just metal. They’re probably the most amazing albums in music. And if you agree with me, you’re just as awesome. The end…for now.


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