The Ward Hall Haunting

Articles | Mar 6th, 2005

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October 30, 1997… I’ll remember that date for the rest of my life. That was the first time I’d ever faced pure fear. It all started in Ward Hall, the building on campus which housed the photography studio in it’s basement. It used to be a dorm, but was converted into a few offices, photo studio, and darkroom. The upper floors of the building were not used, and were chained and padlocked. You could only access the basement, the first floor, and the two stairwells at either side of the building.

My friends Lauren and James were finishing up a project in the basement… it was close to midnight when they were ready to leave. They packed up all their gear and headed up the stairwell, when all of a sudden they heard a girl scream. Lauren described it as the most horrible, blood-chilling scream she’d ever heard. They just figured that people were messing around outside… after all, it was the night before Halloween. They stopped in the stairwell and looked outside the window to see what was going on… when it happened again. The horrible female scream echoed through the stairwell, only this time they realized that the scream was coming from upstairs… directly above them. Well, needless to say, they dropped their belongings and broke the hell out of there. I got the phone call at about five minutes after midnight. Lauren was frantic… I couldn’t really understand her on the phone, finally after a while she calmed down and told me what had happened… James testified to the story, because I thought it sounded a little crazy.

I had spent many late nights there and never heard anything, but Lauren and James were not the lying type. Lauren said she was scared to go back, but she needed her stuff… so I offered to go with her. I got a few people who lived in Moffat hall, including my roommate, and we met Lauren outside. We each brought flashlights, and I brought a staple gun… I always tend to go for overkill. We called security and told them what happened, and they decided to come with us to check it out… they figured maybe someone had broken in and was messing around. So here we are… Me, Mike, Aldric, Greg, Lauren, James, and two security guards… marching to Ward Hall to find out what the hell was going on, and to retrieve Lauren and James’ stuff. We opened the front doors, and it was deadly quiet… we were all huddled together, waiting… waiting to hear the awful scream. Lauren said her stuff was in the hallway, so we went like a proud little battalion toward the stairs. We paused in the stairway for a moment… none of us saying a word… just listening. We descended the stairs into the basement, and walked all around checking things out. There was nothing out of the ordinary, so we came up the steps on the opposite side.

We then checked the ground floor… there were a lot of rooms full of old furniture… but nothing overly strange. We went up the stairs to the second floor… and the whole time I’m wielding my staple gun in front of me like on some bad cop show… it made me feel better. The security guards unlocked the chain, and opened the doors. We walked down the dark hallway, checking every room… we were starting to talk now, and were feeling a little less nervous. We ended up again in the stairway… this time on the side where Lauren and James heard the scream. We walked up to the top floor… and an ill feeling came over Lauren. She was visibly shaking and was on the verge of tears. When security unlocked the chain, it was like a truck hit me… I was forced to the wall behind me, and an immense pressure was on my chest, like as if someone were sitting on your ribcage. Lauren screamed “I have to get out of here! I wanna leave now!” She grabbed my hand and whatever was holding me immediately let go. We ran down the stairs… the whole time Lauren held my hand in a death grip, and I held my staple gun. We made it out the front door and stood looking up at the building. We watched the flashlights moving down the hallway, going in and out of the rooms… but when the lights got to the last room on the right… they suddenly turned off.

The next thing I know, everyone is hauling ass out the front door. They said that when they got to that room, all the lights went off simultaneously, and an intense cold filled the room. All the hair on the back of their necks stood on end, and they noticed that the room was full of dead flies. In the week after the incident, I was trying to research everything I could about Ward Hall. I knew that it had been a dorm, but that’s about it. I began asking questions to this one older cleaning lady who was always in Ward late at night. She told me that when it was a dorm… a girl who had found out she was pregnant committed suicide… by jumping from her window. The last window on the right.


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