Those goddamn kids these days

Articles | Nov 26th, 2007

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I dont know whats wrong with todays generation.

They have million’s of crazy gadgets like their ipods and their computer boxes that fit on their laps, why back in my day a computer was a big giant box that had 20 mb of hard drive and a four color monitor and thats how we liked it! And remember 8 tracks? My god, these kids and their low-quality “digital music” don’t know what htye’re missing out on! And what’s all this nonsense about portably DVD players and crap? My betamax wasn’t movable and thats how I liked it! These goddamn kids, always entertained, not being totally SMART and PRODUCIVE like yours truly, Fredrico el Guapo. And don’t get me started on carphones! And why aren’t clickers called clickers anymore? What the hell is a remote anyway? What is with all this stupid gibberish talk of kids now?