Trip To Warner Brothers Studio and Jimmy Kimmel Live

Articles | By on Sep 29th, 2007

Today was pretty exciting. Around the corner from our hotel is the famous Warner Bros Studios. I had booked a deluxe VIP tour for the studio and it turned out great. We showed up and they first have you sit through a ten minute short film showing all the famous clips over the years coming out of the studio in a nice little personal movie theater.

After that we meet our tour guide, Aaron. He was great. Super flambuyount and loved films. He knew his stuff and really was fun to spend the day with. There was other guides but they didn’t seem as cool. Aaron looked like Jason Schwartzman of Election and Phantom Planet fame. Anyway, he had the 12 of us pile into the studio trams for the door and our first stop was an active production! The show was the new NBC series “Chuck” from the creator of the OC. It was pretty exciting to see the show being filmed. We had the pleasure of chatting with star Adam Baldwin, most of whom would know from Firefly/Serenity or his other countless roles like ID:4, Day Break, The Patriot, Wyatt Earp or Radio Flyer. He chatted with us for a moment or two in between takes and was really nice, asking us all where we were from. He briefly told us of the show and that is premiered next monday at 8pm.

Adam Baldwin

Not a bad way to start of the tour eh? After that we toured many soundstages and backlots. Some were being currently used for Without a Trace, and we saw plenty of the sets from ER and the former soundstage occupied by the Friends set. We had a special look on the set of the new Fox show based off the Terminator series, called Sarah Connor Chronicles. It was pretty cool to see the sets and actually walk down the hall they used for John Connor’s high school.

There was so many things going on, it was hard to focus on one area. So many people walking around and being shuttled to the set and back and forth. Another cool thing was seeing everything set up for the new Adam Sandler film “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.” directed by Dennis Dugan which the tour guide said we could see the director but didn’t address him. I didn’t see Adam around but I’m sure he was in one of the many trailers on set.

After that we headed to the commissary for lunch with our tour guide. He told us that not even the crew members and the average joe schmo eats here. Only talent which means actors, directors, etc and Executives. I was thinking it was the cafeteria like you saw in Blazing Saddles but that was next door. I didn’t see anyone I recognized but I knew I was amongst “talent” and execs for sure. The lunch was great and since you pay a lot for the extra extended tour, they pay for lunch. Techinically we do, but whatever. I had the steak which was delicious.

After lunch, we headed out to more sound stages and passed by two of the main actors on a new CBS show “Big Bang Theory” starring John Lipnicky from Roseanne, Suicide Kings and Xmas Vacation. The two guys in the banner belower were outside smoking and just waved. Pretty nice guys it seems.

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We saw plenty of cool workshops like the prop department, wood shops where they make everything you can think of and also some facades and interior sets like” Chuck” where they filmed in a store like Best Buy called “Buy More.” The other set which was nice was Big Shots starring Michael Vartan from Alias, Dylan McDermott and Christopher Titus. We didn’t get to see any live shooting but they were prepping for night shoots for the new ABC show Pushing Daisies.

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We then headed to the transportation wing where we saw the George Clooney version of the batmobile which was real since it cost too much to replicate. At this time, we all got to take a cool photo using green screen. This time we had to pretend the train was pulling in from Hogwarts and we had to improvise as to what that looked like. We didn’t have an image to base it off. Here is what Michelle and I came up with. Ha Ha. We won best photo out of group too!

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After the tour was over we had to head down to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Of course something was wrong and they delayed the start by almost one hour. We waited on Hollywood Blvd for almost two hours. After a 5.5 hour tour today mostly on our feet in dress shoes, we had a tough time standing on these feet again for another two hours. We finally got seated and of course we didnt have tits and dicks hanging out so they sat us in the last row even though we were pretty close to the front of the line. It didn’t matter I guess we all pretty nice seats. The show was good. Kinda weird since they filmed Jamie Foxx’s segment for the show on Oct. 4th. Jimmy then had to dress in different suit and come out like it was the normal show and run through doing the other interviews with the crazy guy from the news lately with him out in Vegas supporting OJ. Might have remembered him from the Paris Hilton trouble as well. Also Samaire Armstrong from Dirty Sexy Money and formerly of The OC was on. She was ok. Awesome to look at though. Scotland’s KT Tunstall was the music act. After they film studio portion they shuffle us upstairs to lobby where mini indoor stage is and film the music portion of the show. Of course we are in back again. She played three songs and I think its customary they play that many. We only see one on TV usually. We finally were done with the day and grabbed some desert at the mall at the Kodak Theater and then headed home. God, LA is exhausting!