What’s On TV: Miami Ink

Articles | Aug 21st, 2006

I figured it would be fun writing about what I watched on TV each week. Who knows if I can write something once a week because I’m just a lazy sod; but we’ll see what happens. So this is the first installment of “What’s On TV” and I’m sure I’ll write a ton once new shows start popping up.

I haven’t been watching too much TV this summer, but one show I frequently been watching is Miami Ink. I usually catch the show on the weekend when marathons of the show are aired on TLC. That’s The Learning Channel for the non-intelligent. I don’t have any tattoos yet but really want to get some, so it’s interesting to see how things are done & how they turn out. The show is about a few friends running a shop together, and trying to raise the bar for quality tattooing. Each episode focuses on a few different clients and how the tattoo artists have to deal with what they are asked to do. It’s cool to see how they conceptualize the tattoo ideas that they are presented with. I always like when the artists fight with people who bring in bad ideas or already have set what they want. It makes for interesting television even though it’s probably a hassle to deal with in real life.

The one thing I usually don’t like on the show is how sappy it gets. It seems just about every client they feature has some long drawn story of why they are getting their tattoo. And the artist seems to ask why they are getting these tattoos more than once, so it can be drawn out even more. And while the person is talking about their tattoo, the artist looks bored as ever. This is usually how it goes:

Tattoo Artist: “So dude, why are you getting this tattoo?”

Client: “Yeah, I’m getting this because my daughter got hit by a truck filled with snakes, and the snakes ended up eating her body alive. Then the truck blew up and it was also carrying rocket fuel and ended up blowing up the whole town. And everyone turned into zombies. And then my wife got her brain eaten by a zombie. Such a sad day. So this flower on my ankle represents that…”

Yes, I’m a cold hearted bastard! But come on, not everyone gets a meaningful tattoo. Where are the drunken idiots going into tattoo shop that end up getting some lame band tattoo like for Stryper. Or where are the trendy tribal and Chinese character tattoos that everyone and their mother gets?! Its okay to hear those sappy stories every once and awhile but when every damn person has one, it gets to be a little bit depressing. I’d just like to see someone go in there, and say that this thing is cool and that’s the reason why they are getting it. I haven’t seen all the episodes so i’m not sure if that has happen but the majority of episodes i’ve seen, that’s how they are. Just sappy stories each tattoo.

But thankfully, the artist at the shop are always goofing off and playing tricks on each other. So its not totally serious all the time. I like when they pick on the apprentice Yoji, even though I feel bad for the guy for getting picked on so much. But the best was when he got kidnapped by the crew and they dropped him off in some random city and he had to find his way back home, in his underwear haha. But I think the best part of the whole show has to be Kat. She’s just lovely to look at, and i’m sure all the guys out there agree. That’s probably why the show is so popular!

Anyway, the show is fun to watch, despite all the sappy tattoo stories. Check out the show on TLC Tuesday 10pm EST.