Whatchoo Skankin’ To?

Articles | Jan 27th, 2008

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It’s been awhile since I wrote one of these blog thingies (I’m bad at this) so I think I’m going to keep this short and make it interactive. Since I’m a big ska guy, I think that I’m going to talk about what’s been keeping me skankin’. For those of you that have no idea what “skankin” is, it’s a ska dance. Look it up.

Five bands have been rocking my world over the past month or so.

#1. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
With their reunion, I’ve been listening to them repeatedly since about the middle of October. Medium Rare was a great release but I had most of the B Sides and unreleased songs off of it long before. I have been listening to a lot of More Noise and Pay Attention for some reason.

#2. Slapstick
If only this band would have existed for ten more years. I think that I’ve listened to what is unofficially known as “25 Songs” about 25 times in the past month. I just love their total disregard for musical boundries. If only I were punk enough…

#3. Buck O Nine
I would like to say that with the release of Sustain I was reintroduced to the band and my interest in them was rejuvenated but, I never lost interest in this band. The new album was just an added bonus. Now only if they would tour the East Coast. Album in constant rotation, Barfly.

#4. Skankin Pickle
With the passing Lynette Knackstedt in December, I did what most people do when someone in the music biz does…I listened to every album by said band in order a half dozen times in a row. Skankin Pickle was one of the first skapunkrastafunk bands that I ever got into and one of my all time favorites. Fever remains my numbero uno.

#5. New Town Kings
The New Town Kings were one of the bands that I discovered thanks in part to the wonderful website known as Readjunk. (It Rocks!) They hail from jolly olde England and have a sound that is a throwback to the glory days of two tone ska in the UK. Sound Of The New Town is one of the best ska albums I have heard in the past few years.

Well, that’s what’s been tickling my fancy recently. Are there any other ska freaks that browse Readjunk? I’m curious as to what ska bands everyone else is listening to? Anyone have any good ska band suggestions or just care to discuss the music in general? Post some comments below or in the forum.


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