What’s On TV: Stupid Commercials!

Articles | Dec 16th, 2006

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It’s another installment of what’s on TV with Bryan. It’s not about a TV show this time but something else that is taking over our TVs….God damn commercials! There’s definitely something rotten in the state of Denmark, er I mean Television. Have you been noticing there has been way too many commercials during your favorite shows? I don’t know what the hell is going on but if it continues, I won’t be watching TV for too much longer. It sounds like I won’t be alone in this since most of my friends (all two of them) agree that there are too much advertising & commercials anywhere on TV.

Every time I watch a TV show, I usually sit down and watch the show from my chase lounger. And usually when a commercial comes on, I get up, walk around, maybe take a piss, and sit back down to watch the show. But I’m noticing that I can’t even sit down for 5 minutes because there are just endless amounts of commercials popping up on the screen. I’m not a fan of commercials and don’t feel like watching them. They won’t make me buy these products, eat that food, buy those jeans, watch that movie. Err, strike that, I’ll watch the movie if it’s good. But then again, I could just watch the trailer online now instead of having to sit through some lame episode of the OC just to see the newest trailer for some mediocre Star Wars prequel.

The reason why I wrote this article is because this shit happens during LOST. There’s at least 3 commercials in the first 15 minutes of the episode! You think I’m joking? When it’s all said and done, there’s maybe 30 minutes of the TV show of an hour program. That’s just fucking stupid if you ask me. Why can’t TV shows show commercials in the beginning and the end of the episodes? I like when 24 has season premieres because they show 1 commercial in the entire broadcast and it’s at the end too. There needs to be 1 sponsor for each episode, and then there aren’t any interruptions. The way it keeps going, it’s going to get worse if people don’t do something about it. Pretty soon there’s going to be commercials going longer, and more of them. Or another idea is to do shows like the UK does it. Have an extra ten minutes added to the broadcast so the shows are true half hour/hour shows. But the United States Tv studios are money grubbing buttlicks and don’t really care about the fans. They just care about the green paper in their pockets. And they usually don’t give GOOD shows the time of day if they aren’t doing good in the ratings. But that’s another rant for another time. There are many solutions to this problem, it’s just no one is going to do anything about it. I won’t do anything about it because I’m just lazy and will just bitch, like in this article.

I think some studios are starting to smarten up by presenting shows after they broadcast on the Internet. Some of them are free and some you have to download to your iPod. I think this is a really cool idea because they don’t show commercials, and it’s something you can watch if you forget to tape the show or missed entirely. Some of the Internet broadcast have commercials airing before it but that’s ok as long as it’s free. But sooner or later, they will start throwing endless amounts of boring and mindless commercials into the Internet downloads and streaming episodes as well. No one is ever satisfied with the amount of money they have, and always want more. So they feel the need to whore themselves as much as possible and put as much advertising in a show. Just watch, they are going to have a network just devoted to commercials. They’ll have all the commercials you missed during the Super Bowl. Then you’ll have the retro commercials hour showing commercials from the 70s and 80s. Hmm sounds like they would already have that type of station on TV doesn’t it? But to move away from that commercial station idea thing, why can’t there be some sort of satellite radio type TV where it’s commercial free? And then the assholes at the FCC can’t touch the networks and everything can be uncensored. But doubt that will happen anytime soon.

So where does this article end, I don’t know. All I know is the TV networks better smarten up and give the viewers less commercials to watch or there will be some type of revolt on their hands. They won’t watch your precious TV shows, and many of those viewers will be in that sought after 18-49 demographic. Uh-oh, what ever will they do then?! Take a hint as to why TV shows on DVD are so popular. No commercials you morons! VIVA LA ANTI-COMMERCIAL REVOLUTION!! DAMN THE MAN!