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Articles | Mar 6th, 2005

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Hello, I would like to share a column Brian of Edna’s Goldfish wrote about my website. He also wrote about other ska websites/ e-zines like Rude Moods, Rimshot, Skatastrophe, the NJ Ska Hub and some others. He wrote this article in a local Long Island Magazine called “The Inside Connection”. So here’s the part about my website:

“….A fine place to start is at a site called Ska, Punk And Other Junk (http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palms/2015). This site covers EVERYTHING remotely related to ska music, including links to reggae sites, a chatroom, message board, and extensive links to every band and label out there. There is also a great selection of Real Audio samples from many ska and punk bands. The page’s creator, Bryan, takes a lot of care in making sure that there are constant updates taking place. There is even a chart on the front page of this site that shows when each part of the site has been updated. Another cool thing that this site has, which has become rather popular in cyberspace, is the inclusion of webrings. For the uninitiated, webrings connect sites of similar subject matter together. There is a ring master who decides which pages he or she will connect to the ring which is organized so that the casual browser can connect to each site on the ring and wind up back at their original entry point. All the pages in the ring can be accessed through a list, or at a random roulette-type selection. The pages in Ska, Punk And Other Junk ring vary in quality, but I was able to reach some cool regional sites and read up on bands I would have otherwise overlooked. That’s a great thing about all this presence of ska in the on-line world. None of the bands, labels, zines, or fans are in competition with each other. By each websites dedicating a space for links to other pages….”

Thank you very much Brian for exposing my site even more in Long Island, and thank you for the kind words. It was very nice of you to write a long section just about my site. Brian wrote the longest section just on my site if some are you wondering.

Other people have loved my site too and they think it is one of the coolest or greatest site out there. From reading this article, it makes me want to do it ten times better becomes it shows that I am giving something back to the NY area and other areas. I can’t stand when other pages don’t update their site, so I try to update this page as much as possible. So thank you Brian,anyone who ever wrote to me saying that my page is great and any label that has sent me free CDS. YOU ALL ROCK!


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