X-mas Stories from the Staff (Bryan)

Articles | Mar 6th, 2005

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X-mas time, one of the best time of year for a kid. Of course, I still love the holiday and the reason for it is GIFTS! I love going down the stairs, grab my stocking from the stairwell, and run or trip down the steps to come to a huge ass tree with tons of presents.Now, I know some of you were the type of kids that stay up all night because they are so excited that Christmas is the next morning. My parents would come into my room and say “go to bed or Santa is not coming.” That’s the worst thing to hear on x-mas eve and that would put me to bed right away… yeah right. I would peak down the hall and get a flashlight to look from the stairs at what I got in my stocking. Christmas morning, My Dad would video tape the whole thing and that would drive us nuts. Don’t you hate when you have to slow down so your parents can get you on tape opening up the presents? That’s if you have more than one brother or sister. I have tons of stories that have happened to my brothers and I.

I remember back in 2nd grade when it was Christmas eve and I was sleeping in my room with my older brother, Jason and Matt and I woke up early in the morning and I looked outside my window and what do I see? You guessed it folks, Santa!! I know what you are thinking but I think I really did see him. I looked at him and saw him flying in his sleigh right in front of my window and he looked Pissed! I shut the shade of the window and woke up Matt and Jason. They both thought I was full of it and went back to bed, but Matt said to me that he was afraid to look outside. I was up the REST of the night wondering if Santa was going to give me presents. I have no idea what I saw but I don’t think I was dreaming because I was wide awake. Another thing that I was wondering about that Santa didn’t have this big bushy white beard like I was told about. I know right now, you people are reading this saying I have problems, but I think I really saw him.

Another x-mas eve I was looking at the window again, probably the year before or after I saw Santa. This time I saw him walking into my door and coming from the neighbors house. I knew he looked familiar and it looked my Dad. I heard later on when I found out that there was no Santa that my Dad used to dress up like Santa and get the presents hiding in the neighbor’s house. So that time I didn’t feel insane. But when I did see Santa that first time, I went all over the place saying I saw Santa. I said it to my relatives, parents, and then I came to my school. I was saying it to my friends and they didn’t believe me. Then I came to the kid I hate in elem. school, Paul. I told him and was bragging to him about it and he said, well there’s no Santa and I didn’t believe him. THAT PRICK! how dare he say something to me and tell me how to think. I actually don’t remember how I knew that there was no Santa. I guess it was common sense to me but I was like, I saw him though. Yeah I know I keep bringing that up.

Other stuff that I remember from Christmas was x-mas lights. Every year my Dad would get out all his x-mas lights that he got from garage sales, etc. and it would take him a week to untangle them and test them. Well one day when my Father, Matt and I were down in the garage testing the lights and my Dad goes to plug one of the strand of lights in, and he yells and flew back. Matt and I were staring and looking at each other with shock, and wondering if we should do anything. I thought that was kind of funny now but I guess not back then. My Dad also used to put TONS of lights all over the trees and the house and would blow a fuse every year. One year, he managed to have our house, almost every tree in our yard, our fence, and other things in our yard to all have x-mas lights over them. One night we went out and we came back and we came around the corner and we all started cracking up laughing at how many lights we had on the house. IT WAS NUTS! My Dad was like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. He would get so pissed that the lights didn’t work, or if something went wrong. Now I think about it… it was quite funny.

More experiences that I remember is looking at the presents. This is where someone needs skill to do something like this. I remember Jason, Matt and I would look all over the house for them when my parents went out. I remember one time we did a heavy duty search around the house and we found lots of presents in one of the antique chests in our family room. But it was locked so we had to unscrew the hinges and take the top of it off. Clever for a bunch of youngsters huh? We found out a way of looking at the actual presents. We would get a knife or an exacto knife and lift the tape off the package and just look at the present to see what it was. We actually screwed up a couple of times by accident by ripping the x-mas paper or moving a present and putting it in a different spot. My parents eventually caught on and just said the hell of it and put the presents in their room. When we looked at the presents in their room, our footmarks would leave a mark on the rug so we had to go and rub the carpet so it wouldn’t haven’t marks on it. Then I found another clever way of just looking at my mom’s receipts. Simple huh? I know you may think, well you are spoiling it for yourself and I know, but it’s fun to know some of the things you get before hand. The only thing that is hard is to try to look surprised when you get that presents you now about.

The thing I love about x-mas is the gifts and money. I made the biggest x-mas list but most of the time, Santa or in the later years my Parents would get most of stuff that on the list. My parents always say that we don’t appreciate anything that they do for us and I guess I’ll finish off saying that I’m glad they have giving us everything we wanted and given us really cool Christmases. Thanks Mom, Dad and Santa (sorry if my dogs ate the cookies a couple of times)