A Faith Called Chaos

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

Was your band originally called A Fished Called Wanda but you felt that didn’t sound like a cool name so you changed it?
No, it was actually named “Bette Midler in a leg lock”, but that name wasn’t really workin for us, heh

I don’t know too much about AFCC, could ya give me some band history and all the jazz?

Your new Cd “Forgive Nothing” is pretty rockin’…Do you think this will stand out from other punk/ hardcore CDs?
I think it will turn a few heads. It covers everything in the hardcore/rock/punk spectrums, its got a little something for everyone.

Would you be honored if the military used your music for torturing their enemies?
I would hope maybe it would inspire the two to join together, put down their weapons, and dance the night away.

If I wanted to date hot chicks, should I start a band?
I would have to lean towards a “Hell Yes!!” on that one.

You got some funky artwork on the CD cover and sleeve. Who was the artist and um, what the hell does it mean?
Her name is Brittany Bartley. She is actually a friend and acquaintance of the band, we knew she did trippy art, and actually picked her preliminary sketches over many artists with much more acclaim than her (I wont name any names though) We are hopping to get Storm Thorgerson on board to do the art for LP 2, we emailed him about doing this one and our budget wouldn’t allow the expense of the project, but damn he’s a nice guy.

Michael Jackson: Do you think he’s a kid toucher or just some creepy old celebrity who likes to sleep in the same bed as kids?
I think he never had a chance to develop outside of his own childhood and so he is permanently stuck in his own little kiddy universe, where its Ok to play with kids. He is still the king of pop to me and I stand by the crazy bastard all the way.

Who’s the best talk show host? And why?
That’s hard to say… I think it would be a three way tie between: Johnny Carson, Letterman, and Conan. They all have different brands of humor, scintillating in their own way

What’s the worst thing someone said about AFCC?
“Hey, you guys suck.” that’s bout it

See any good movies lately?
Saw that new Jim Carrey movie, it was freakin rad, totally new character for Jim, but he totally pulled it off.

I like to ask bands some trivia on certain things, this time it’s on The Simpsons. I hope you watch the show, if not.. Guess haha.
a) Who is the founder of Springfield?
b) Who is Patty and Selma’s favorite star?
c) During the shooting of “Radioactive Man the Movie”, what do the goggles do?
Extra Credit: Name 3 of Cletus Kids?

Matt Groening started The Simpsons, that’s all I got bro.

Do you think at the rate we are going in America, that pretty much everything will be censored in the next few years?
No! I think the FCC is getting out of control. I think the superbowl incident was a little inappropriate because of the viewship which included young children. However, censoring album art and Cds is taking it a little too far for my taste. I think the citizens of the US will make the right decisions.

It’s Plug Time. Got a website, tour or something?
official site: www.afaithcalledchaos.com new album tracks: www.purevolume.com/afaithcalledchaos Catch us on the entire summers Vans Warped Tour 2004 (www.warpedtour.com for the dates)