Interviews | Feb 21st, 2006

People have the misconception that you’re always serious. Tell us a funny joke to prove them wrong.
Mr. Pibb + red vines = crazy delicious…

How did your deal with RCA come about?
Major labels have been offering their services to Anti-Flag for years now, actually the first time we were approached by a major was right before “A New Kind of Army” came out. To all of them we said the same thing, this band will not take a meeting with you or your label until we have guaranteed control in writing over every aspect of Anti-Flag. Most labels, both major and indie, hung up on us at that time, but that just kinda trimmed the fat. From there it was finding the people who we felt would not fuck up. We’ve been on labels that have fucked up, and some that haven’t, we can talk in a few months and I’ll tell you if RCA has or hasn’t.

Were there any concerns that signing to RCA would upset your fan base?
First off the word ‘fan” is not to be used in describing the community of people that are supportive of our music and ideals. Second, our relationship with this community is strong enough where we felt that while some would question the motives, most would be supportive and see the forest for the trees, so to speak. I can honestly say that’s the way things have gone. With every decision that Anti-Flag makes we try to have it be engaging: taking our songs to the Warped Tour, playing with different bands, the labels we have worked with and so on. We want to be on people’s radars. I think this move to RCA has more people talking about Anti-Flag than ever, and that’s important to us, good or bad.

Your new album will be on RCA. RCA is a division of Sony BMG. Sony BMG was recently fined for their payola scandals and “telling lies in America.” Telling Lies In America is a 1997 film starring… Kevin Bacon. So if I buy the new Anti-Flag album, will I inadvertently be supporting Kevin Bacon and/or corporate death squads?
The funny answer is yes… the real answer is no, they’ve got Clay Aiken money to spend on that shit.

How did you approach the writing and production of this album?
Write every song that is in us, then tie them all together lyrically.

Would you rather spend a week in Abu Ghraib or go on a quail hunting trip with Dick Cheney?
Perhaps if I quail hunt with Dick Cheney I can misfire…

Agree or Disagree: The punk scene has become a fashion show.
Agree that music that is sometimes considered punk is, but disagree that all aspects of punk are fashion oriented.

Are there any bands you won’t tour with because of their political beliefs?
Other than a band like Skrewdriver or someone…not really, we like challenging people and sometimes that means letting them hear points of view they don’t want to.

How do you explain conservative punks?
That does not exist, there is nothing about maintaining the status quo in my definition of punk. There is nothing about people that are not supportive of worker’s rights worldwide, people that wish to remove a womyns right to choose, and people that will not allow homosexual marriage in my definition of punk rock.

What are your thoughts on Stan Tookie Williams?
1- I am far more well versed in the Bloods
2- quit snitchin’!

If you ever had to run from the law & escape the country, where would you flee to?
Montreal or Toronto

When you are touring, what do you do to kill time between shows?
Watch hockey, play hockey, and do interviews that are unfortunately not as fun as this one!

Are there any politicians that you admire?
First and foremost Congressman Jim McDermott of Washington state

What do you think of Eliot Spitzer?
Besides using a radio scandal for publicity for his election, I think he’s not awesome.

Have you ever “done it” to one of your songs?

Here’s a series of quick Favorite questions:
Favorite 80’s cartoon show? G.I. Joe
Favorite commercial jingle? Fanta… don’t cha wanta
Favorite Judd Nelson movie? Fuckin’ NEW JACK CITY, man!
Favorite MacGyver episode? The one with a paper clip and a rubber band…
Favorite Hair band? None
Favorite News Website?

So what is Pittsburgh going to do when the Penguins are sold to another city?
We are going to get a slot license that keeps the penguins in Pittsburgh, Governor Rendell is going to be pissed because it won’t be the ones who funded his election campaign. Crosby, Fluery, Surovy, and new addition Mahlkin are going to lead the Pens to their 3rd LORD STANLEY in 2007… mark these fuckin’ words!

Final thoughts, comments, plugs, etc.?
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Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do the interview. I appreciate it!

Be Sure To pick up “For Blood And Empire” on RCA records, out March 21st!