Authority Zero

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

Authority Zero Billboard

Your new album “Andiamo” came out recently, How do you think this album is to your previous albums? (I think it’s the best so far)
I think that it’s one of rawer discs that we have put out. We wanted to really reflect our live show. Our first album A Passage in Time was the result of being in a national studio for the first time. We over utilized effects and layers. It was still a rad album, but didn’t quite represent our live sound.

You guys covered the 80’s ballad “Mexican Radio” (awesome cover by the way!), why did that song stand out from other 80’s songs? Why not cover Safety Dance, or Power of Love, or some Rick Astley?
Well we weren’t looking for an 80’s song, it just came to us. We were chillin’ with Miguel and he thought that we’d cover this song well because of our Latin influences and because we are quirky dudes.

You’re currently on the Warped Tour, how has that been going so far? Any riots or violent acts happen yet?
Well, actually we’ve only played Phoenix’s Warped. We’ll be catching up with the tour in the south and east. We tried to get all of the dates with no avail.

Every time I listen to your ska-ish songs, the ska band from Rhode Island, The Agents, keeps popping up in my head. Is Jason related to the singer of the Agents/separated at birth? haha.
It’s weird that you mention The Agents! They are my friend Rob’s favourite band. I remember seeing a shite ton of posters signed by them in this pizza joint, Pat’s in which I watched The Super Bowl. Go PATS! … And no, Jason is not the long lost bro! hahaha!!

What are some words and phrases you use too much?
I say “I gotta pee” a lot. Hmmm… That’ll work.

If you were psychic, tell me the outcome of the 2004 presidential election?
Bush wins from lack of anti-Bush votes! Let’s not let that happen.;

Who do you think would win in a fight – Strawberry Shortcake or Rainbow Brite?
Rainbow Bright! She would harness the sun from the prism of the Rainbow and melt the living shit outta Strawberry.

If I wanted to get chicks, should I start a punk band?
Sure! Just tell ’em your dark and can’t relate to anything in society except the particular woman you are trying for. It worked for me, I’m engaged ;)!

Favorite Joe Piscopo movie?
Once Upon a Time In Mexico!

Describe a reality show based on your band.
7 men crammed into a 15 passenger van. The smells are augmenting. Who will perish first?!

Would you rather have sex with a 16 year old groupie or a 60 year old groupie? (hehe)
Uh oh… the legal one I suppose…

Name a band that truly sucks ass. Come on, here’s your time to bash someone good.
Hmmmmmmmmm… Authority Zero!

What was the last movie you saw? Did you like it?
I saw Spiderman 2. It suckedddddddddddddddddddddddd!

Why do I rock?
You’ve heard, “ego cognito ergo ego sum”? Well ego rock-eo ergo ego sum!!!

Any enlightened final words?

And keep on rockin’ in a free world.