Interviews | Oct 30th, 1999

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Avail, you are one of the early pioneers of late 80’s hardcore punk. Your music has been enjoyed by millions. You have touched the lives of so many. So what have you gotten in return? Don’t you think you deserve something special, like a meeting with the President or an ambassadorship title?
[Tim Barry] Ha, a meeting with the President? Boy I’d love that. I’d probably get kicked out of the “honkey” House within minutes. Seriously though, we’ve gotten a lot in return by playing in this band. We’ve had the chance to see all kinds of places that we never dreamed of going to. Shit, we’ve been to Australia, Japan, Canada (of course) Brazil, toured Europe 7 times, and crossed the States more times than I can count. And along the way we’ve made good friends and played really fun shows. All that, in itself is rewarding enough. Ambassadorship? Beau has got to be some sort of ambassador at this point.

What’s the WORST experience you’ve ever had with a groupie?
AVAIL really doesn’t have any groupies. I have a “stalker” though. And that stalker is a “he.” Pretty fucking scary.

Do you have any tattoos that you regret getting?
All of my tattoos suck and I don’t regret any of them.

I’ve heard you guys talk about punks revolting. Wouldn’t that be kind of dangerous? I mean, I like punk music and all, but do we really want punk rockers causing havoc in the streets, terrifying our families? And let’s face it, punks aren’t very bright. They can’t even come up with a definition of “punk” they can all agree on, and yet you want them running things? I’ll tell you this, bub. You create a punk revolution, I will find a way to crush you and your minions. My family has survived the Bolsheviks, and they will also survive the punk rock. Mark my words.
Ha, ha, ha! Punks revolting. You are right, punks are revolting. They are disgusting, dirty people. A simple flock of sheep. You got the wrong band. I can’t recall any of us AVAILers talking about “punks” revolting-other than them being revolting, respectively.

If the punk scene was one giant salad, what vegetable would you be?
Turkey burger.

Avail’s new album is Front Porch Stories, available on Fat Wreck Chords.