Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

What is your name and what do you do in Beerzone?
I am Iain and I am the the singer/song-writer in the band. I also arrange all the shows, merchandise and tours. The tea-boy you could say.

Why the hell did you want to be in a band?
We started the band for a laugh to just boot the boybands up the arse round our way and make a statement but we only intended playing 5 or 6 shows in late ’97 but we were offered a record deal at our second show and a few months later the Dropkick Murphys asked us to join their label and tour. We have since spent around 30 odd weeks in the US in the past two years, released two album, 4 singles, appeared on loads of compilations and played round Europe too. So much for a laugh for a few weeks. The best thing about it though is you get to lose your life savings trying to survive on the road and run up huge credit card debts!! Ooh to be a trendy “punk” band played on MTV and the like!!

What bands did you listen to when growing up?
Stiff Little Fingers, Clash,Damned, UK Subs, Test-Tubes, Dead Kennedys, DOA, Sham 69, Rezillos etc.

Since your album is name “Strangle All The Boybands,” which one would you like to hurt really bad the most?
NSync as that prick Justin Timberlake stole our drummers girl!! Justin….consider yourself dead when we come back over!!

Who would win in a fist fight, Tony Blair or George W. Bush?
If you leave them in a room I don’t think it would be a scene from the fight-club, do you? More like a blue movie!!!!

What’s your definition of punk?
Loud, fast, sing-a-long, ‘who gives a fuck’ attitude music to put a smile on your face as there are enough shit things happening in the world without you having to sing about them.

What’s your thoughts about what has happened on September 11th 2001?
Absolutely dreadful. A cowardly action by utter scum.

What’s next for Beerzone? Final Thoughts?
Well with all the extra royalties we get from the extra sales from advertising on your site we are all gonna move into Beverly Hills!! Or maybe not….we have a fifth US tour coming up, a first European Headline tour and various shows booked with the likes of the Damned, SLF, The Dickies and others. I would just like to say to all your readers….get of your arse and check us out at as we are one of the hardest working bands around right now and all the US kids who have come along and seen us seem to love us but not enough of them have seen or heard us yet….so check out the new album and make up your own mind and keep an eye out for us as we will be touring near you in the future( we have already played over 40 states so be warned!!) and best of luck with the site and thanks for your time.