Big D and the Kids Table

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

where did you get the name big d and the kids table?
In the movie TRUE ROMANCE the body guard of the pimp named DREXEL is BIG D. and the KIDS TABLE PART is just aan inside joke gone bad….

who is G.L.D. (from the song G.L.D. off of the album Good Luck) ?
Can’t say!

who are the bands influences?
Op IVY, insideout, Skankin Pickle, kurtis blow, kenny rogers.

who’s hotter………… pamela anderson or anna nicole smith?
You Timmy…. your hotter!

what is your favorite venue?
The Rat, but it’s gone now.

what is the best/worst show you have ever played and with who?
the best was the 1st and 2nd New England SKA fests and the worst —– THE BRASS MUG IN FLORIDA (but the bands were fun)

where did the name fork in hand records come from?
Steve (from Big D) came up with the name and the split album went to press. After that we just signed our friends bands and other bands that needed help.

where is the best place you have ever toured?
Erurope more specific Prague in the Czech Republic.

do you prefer gummy bears or swedish fish and why?
Swedish fish, cause the gummy bears are fucking posers

who did you vote for in this years presidential election?
the shiffty pretty guy not the dumb guy

what’s the most important social issue you think the nation needs to address?
Racism, sexism, and intolerance in general

what’s your favorite song to perform?
G.L.D., WHAT, and L A X

when are you planning on releasing your next album?
about a year, but we might have an ep soon

who has the best/worst hygiene in the band?
what’s hygiene………….ha ha ha ha

what would you like to say to the fans who have been there since day one?
I know I don’t make money mom and dad but it’s fun.