Blue Meanies

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

Where did the name the blue meanies come from?
It was taken from the animated movie, the Yellow Submarine. The Blue Meanies are the villains.

What is in your CD players right now?
Lawrence Arms

Where is the band from?

Do you guys have nicknames for yourselves? if so…………. what are they?
Asshole, Fucker, and Shitsteak. These names are interchangeable to any member

What is your favorite city to go to on tour and why?
NYC because of the pizza

What is the best/worst show you have ever played and who was it with.
The best show of recent was in Madison Wisconsin with the arrivals. The worst show was the last one we played, which was, Jimmy Flame’s (trumpet) last show with the Meanies

Are You Guys Breaking Up? Please Clarify This Once And For All?
We are in a “coma” until fall when we will be touring Europe.

What musical genre would you place the blue meanies in?
Rock n Roll

Are you guys really that much smarter than George w. Bush or is that just me?
Collectively we are more intelligent than the entire republican party

Who has the best/worst hygiene in the band? please explain.
Best goes to John Paul- He shaves his chest. Worst Goes to Chaz- He Smells like a beer soaked ashtray

Do any of you guys pick your nose and eat it? if so or if not please explain?
Apparently Bob does but I’ve never seen him do it. I made Dave pick my nose with his finger and made our sound guy Lance eat it once…

What is your favorite song to perform and why?
??? [ didn’t answer]

Why should someone who has never heard you go out and buy one of your albums?
It’s a good education

What is your definition of ska?
Off Beats

Who’s hotter Barbara Streisand or Bette Middler?
Streisand wins because she has a fine ass and I’m an ass man

In the rest of the space……….. please tell me three things about the band that no one else knows!
We really hate going on tour, we hate the bands we play with and we hate each other.