Brand New

Interviews | By on Nov 20th, 1999

Is your music “brand new,” like the mating cries of koalas spliced with the sounds of the winds against the Martian landscape atop a bed of breakbeats and record scratching, or is it the same ol’ punk/emo/indie rock crap?
Brian Lane (drummer): It’s record scratching at its finest. Mixed with a little of the same old generic rock shit. We’re talking The Cars, into a Limp Bizkit style breakdown, and back into Cypress Hill outro. We are considered by most to be in the genre of “carbizkess.”

Describe your perfect date.
BL: I have a girlfriend and she rocks. I’d wanna go with her. But I always wanted to go to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hideout. I would love to go on a date there… do you know where I’m talking about? We would go skateboarding and play video games. If we could stand after the skating. And then Dairy Queen. We don’t have those around Long Island too much, but I’m sure there’s gotta be one near the hideout. Then probably the Best Western.

If you could time travel and meet any band, dead or alive, who would it be and please say Rush.
BL: Probably Rush. They rock. I wanna make out with their drummer.

What comprises your Ultimate Burrito?
BL: Spicy fries, sour cream, cheddar potato chips, bacon, tomato, lettuce, and of course, a heart attack.

Tell me a secret you were going to take to your grave.
BL: We’re all gay.

Brand New’s debut album will soon be released by Triple Crown Records. Visit the band at