Closer Than Kin

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

What do you do in the band?
My name is Rich and I play bass.

How would you describe your music?
A mix of hardcore ,punk , and metal . I guess basically all the stuff that we listen to comes out in our music . We never set out to write anything that sounds a certain way ,it just happens that we like these forms of music and try to incorporate them into one of our own songs.

What band do you like to tour with the most?
I would have to say BigWig from New Jersey , they are our partners in crime . I have yet to this day meet another band who has as much useless movie knowledge , besides ourselves of course . Our musical styles are different but it never seems to matter , those guys are insane . We love em.

Which performer has influenced Closer Than Kin more, Barry Manilow or MC Hammer?
Very tough question . Both are amazing show men in their own rights . Hammer has the dance steps we all like but Barry might be a little smoother with the ladies . A bigger influence than them would have to be Tone Loc

Would you french kiss your grandmother for five minutes if it meant you could have a threesome with any two girls of your choice?
Surprisingly that is the second time I have been asked that question this week !! Maybe . All I have to say is two words “The Belt.”

Would you sacrifice sex for an entire year if it meant Closer Than Kin would gain world recognition?
Haven’t I been doing that already, why didn’t you start timing?

What is your favorite Bestiality website?
Easy one

What type of music do you hate?
I really don’t hate any form of music. I can always find the good in any type of music, yes even polka.

What’s the worst song you ever heard?
Pat Boone covering “You Got Another Thing coming”

Anything to plug or comment on?
Thank you for giving me this interview full of weird sexual questions, and everyone should check out our new record ” The Machineries of Breath” on Punktuation Records, if they get a chance.