Coolie Ranx

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

All right Coolie, I know you probably hate to give some history about yourself, but some people might not know; so would you please tell us how you came into the music scene?
Well ok :-) I got in the biz by way of the dancehall scene in Brooklyn New York. A few friends of mine did it so I used to hangout with them and they taught me how to do it. Made my 1st record it got heard by a manager and she introduced me to the Toasters the rest is history :-)

You’re going solo now right? What kind of sound are you going for and will you be playing any shows anytime soon?
Sound is something I love to experiment with, for real I’m a freak like that. So there is no tellin, I’m still messin around with it but you can check me out and see. I have my 1st 2 shows in N.O. June 8th and June 9th.

So why did the Pilfers break up? Was it your voice? Or was there artistic differences?
Pilfers broke up cos it was time for us to move on my voice was a factor but of course there were other reasons.

Do you still talk to old band members (Toasters, Pilfers)? Is there bad blood between the bands you once were in?
Actually I don’t really speak to the other members of Toasters that often maybe once in a while, same for Pilfers I do speak to one member in Pilfers a lot more than others that cos we are friends. The whole thing with this biz is you might meet and work with a lot of people but a friendship is rare so those things you keep and cherris. Biz associates come and go.

Recently, Dave Karcich passed away. I was upset and completely shocked about this. What are your thoughts about this, since Dave was drumming for the Pilfers & your friend?
I am sad not for myself as I am for those who don’t get the meanin of life and death. I wrote a piece on my site about my feelins on death chk it out.

Do you have any comments about the current ska and punk scenes in the U.S.?
Well I think the Ska scene has taken a beatin. Punk seems to have gone totally Pop. which hey it’s music still and it has to change with time as we all know.

What are your thoughts about the “Open Season” DJ Battle?
It’s all good if that’s what you are into, it’s good entertainment.

What are some of the bands or music artists that you’re into right now?
Well I’m into a lot of Neo soul right now. I have actually been listenin like crazy to this artist out of London, she hasn’t come out yet over here; I got her demo from a friend. Her name is Mz. Dynamitee. She’s hot, a RnB artist who chats Raps and sings. Also been killin the Jr.Gong cd. about to drop in some new joints in a second. Another group from England Blak Twang and another group Roots Manuever. Both are rap groups.

What was the last movie you saw in the theaters? Was it good or bad?
I think it was harry Potter :-) Yea it was da shizit :-) Oh no I saw trainin day :-) Yea it was bangin.

What was the first concert you saw when you were a kid?
My 1st concert I saw, I was performin in it. I saw an artist from Jamaica named Little John he was the shizit.

Since you like to interact with the crowds at shows, do you have any wild or weird moments with some people in the audience?
Yea I have been attacked on stage by this guy that was little to friendly ya know, he was feelin jus below the belt I had to go brooklyn on his ass :-) This was in Berlin.

Any chance of a Pilfers reunion? Just one show in NYC pppllleeeaaassseee?
You know I had a great, actually a phenominal time in Pilfers for real. Life can’t be predicted by me, you never know, wouldn’t rule that out ever.


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