Coolie Ranx (Pilfers)

Interviews | Oct 6th, 2005

The Pilfers are reuniting for one show on November 4th at the Knitting Factory in NYC. Is this just a one shot deal or is the band getting back together full-time?

As it stands the band is doing a one shot show!

With the band being broken up for a few years now, what made you guys decide it was time to reunite for a show? Whose idea was it?
Well we have been bouncing the idea around for quite sometime. The idea was Nick’s!

What can fans expect at the show? Will there be any surprises like whose opening for you guys or guest appearances during your set?
Well I’d like to leave that part to the imagination on all fronts!

Do you plan on playing any new songs at the show or just the classics? What about playing any of your solo material?
No solo material, for this is a Pilfers Show! New songs, not sure as far as it goes now but definitely the classics.

There’s going to be a Pilfers after party, are there going to be any performances during that? What are the details for the after-party?
Well the After Partys’ main function is to serve as a meeting place for Pilfers and Pilfers Crew. Entertainment is scheduled!

Last time I interviewed you, you were working on some solo material. Are you still doing your own thing and if so, will you have an album out anytime soon?
I have finished the Cd. I haven’t mixed it to my liking yet but I am workin on it!

From reading the message boards, you have gone to Jamaica several times since the band’s demise? Was this merely pleasure, work or both? What is it about the country that fascinates you? What are some nice spots to vacation and travel around the island?
I first went to Jamaica in 2001 and after Sept 11th. I needed to connect to the land were my culture was born. So it was spiritual. Then I went back several times after that for biz and mixed pleasure out of it! In my first trip, I discovered family land and homes. I have yet to explore other spots. I have been to a few places, not enough to say I know all the places :-)

What have you been listening to these days? Do you find it easy to listen to what is on the radio and enjoy it?
I haven’t really been listening to anything on the radio! I play a lot of old tapes from old artists! I do find it hard to listen to mainstream music. But I have actually been listening to this great band from out of NYC named Pilfers :-)

What was the best/worst memory from the Pilfers?
Our 1st show and our last show!

Final comments, plugs, etc?

Be sure to check out the Pilfers Reunion Show Friday November 4th at the Knitting Factory in New York City. To buy tickets go to here. For more information on Coolie Ranx and the Pilfers, visit:
Coolie’s Myspace page