Dead To Fall

Interviews | Oct 30th, 1999

Your name kinda sounds like a fun video game. Wasn’t Final Fantasy 7 so magical?
Jon Hunt (vocals): Our merch dude Karim loves Final Fanasy, he spends hours and hours in the van hogging the playstation with its nonstop wizardry. However I prefer shootem up games, and Tony Hawk. Dr. Mario is still the absolute best game ever created.

I was thinking, isn’t it weird that humans don’t grow swishy pony tails or fluffy cat tails to help keep our balance?
Now that you mention it, it is kind of strange. Also why don’t humans have horns. We could bang our heads like rams do whenever we get into a heated arguement, such as which is better, Final Fantasy 7 or 9. Or better yet, we could have a long horn like a unicorn so we could make sishkibabs and s’mores on our horns any time there was a fire (being able to breath fire would also be a plus).

Sometimes I like to think about things and write down my thoughts and dreams. Do you keep a dream diary?
No, but I did have a dream that was pretty amazing. We were on tour, but we were in the Far East. And everytime you drove over a mountain you could see the night in the valley ahead of you. It was like all of sudden night would end, like it was a thunderstorm, and you could see day coming up ahead of you. Well, we ran out of gas and we needed a place to stay. We came across a trailer park and someone said we could get paid to stay in one trailer but he had to stay for 7 years and live with a sausage baby. A baby made entirely of sausages. If we left early we had to pay $500 a day. Im not really sure what the dream means, but my guess is that it’s telling me we should tour the Far East.

Wouldn’t it be great if unicorns were real?
Yes it would. But only if other mystical animals where real as well, such as Minotaurs, Pheonix’s, and Centurians.

What’s the last wish you’ve made on a falling star or birthday candle?
That Slayer would show up and play my birthday party.

Is there nothing more powerful than an unexpected hug?
Yes there is – a level 9 wizard casting a sleeping spell on you. That sucks.

What’s your favorite color? Does seeing that color make you happy?
The combo of orange and navy blue. Yes, I am a retarded Bears fan. I know we are one of the worst teams in the league but I still love my team.

Would you rather ride in a kangaroo pouch or eat a cloud?
If I were a proportial height I would rather ride in the pouch, otherwise it would be quite uncomfortable.

Have you ever held your breath until you giggled?
No, but we used to try and hold our breath when we drove through tunnels. Its not a good idea to hold your breath until you almost pass out while your driving.

Finding a 4-leaf clover, blowing on a dandelion, or catching a firefly?
Finding a 4-leaf clover, and pulling a leaf off so it doesn’t feel so out of place with the other clovers.

Please tell my readers what’s in store for Dead To Fall. If we go to one of your concerts, will there be cupcakes?
If someone brings cupcakes (hopefully vegan ones) to our show, we will eat them gladly. Most of the time there isn’t, but there should be damn it. Besides baked goods, there areis also a few earfuls of rock to be had.

Dead To Fall make me harder than a priest at a cub scout meeting. Go visit them here. They rock it out on Victory Records.