Double S

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

Do you double your pleasure, double your fun?
Kevin: We should use that Gum company on a shirt

Zac: No.

Sean: ummmmm…. it depends if your talking about Jeb or anything else…cause with Jeb…its more than Double the pleasure

Jeb: Both

Since I don’t know who you guys are, can you tell me some history about the band and all that crap?
Zac: The Gods of Rock shined a shiny ray on Jeb and gave him the rock.

Sean: well the band started with kevin and Jeb making asses out of themselves with one acoustic…then the power of Rock slowly formed the greatest 80’s rock band ever created…just like Limp Bizkit

Jeb: Kevin Mack and I started Double S in 8th grade, shortly thereafter Zac Goble joined the band, and then Sean joined the band. And then a long time after that, Oshie Bichar became our singer.

How did you discover punk rock?
Kevin: I met a homeless person. He was homeless just to rebel against the man. Just keep it real.

Zac: Will Janotka.

Sean: Zac.

Jeb: Punk Rock discovered me.

Which is better: Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?
Kevin: Star Wars…Lord of the Rings is for pansies.

Zac: Star Wars by far!

Sean: Star wars…..its old school

Jeb: lord of the rings and star wars are equal, both movies are infinitely awesome.

What kind of bands do you like in the scene today?
Kevin: Desaparecidos.

Zac: Anything catchy, hardcore, pop punk, punk, emo anything that’s grabs my attention.

Sean: umm I like most bands the other guys like…I like some of the “screamo” they listen too… but I still stick with Travis and Blink182

Jeb: I like Further seems forever, Thrice, Glassjaw, alkaline trio, Rushmore, Brand New, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Finch, Senses Fail, Outkast, Deftones etc…

Which band member hasn’t reach puberty yet?
Zac: I’m sure everyone’s gonna say me, but id say everyone’s pretty ripe.

Sean: Jeb, but i’m surprised cause his johnson is massive

Jeb: Puberty is a hill that all of us have yet to climb.

A 800 seat multiplex is divided into 3 theatres. There are 270 seats in Theatre 1, and there are 150 more seats in Theatre 2 than in Theatre 3. How many seats are in Theatre 2?
Kevin: The answer is 415.

Zac: 7.

Sean: enough.

Jeb: it depends on what movie you’re seeing

The Answer is: 340 seats…Not like I could have fucking answered that either.

Am I the only one that thinks anime sucks ass?
Kevin: Anime is all that is right in the world.

Zac: There’s this one kid named Vince and he likes Anime and he’s pretty weird so i’m gonna have to agree.

Sean: well Jeb watches porno anime…where they really literally do suck each other’s asses. its..pretty intense.

Jeb: Very little do I know about Anime. I know of the movie “Akira”. That is the extent of my knowledge.

If you had a long distant cousin who was really hot, would you bone her?
Zac: probably

Sean: yes

Jeb: I would if she was YOUR cousin.

See any good movies lately?
Kevin: Spinal Tap, School of Rock

Zac: School De Rock, Ringu, Aladdin and the Prince of Thieves..

Sean: School of Rock..

Jeb: Yes, yes I have. Kill Bill, Joe Vs. The Volcano, Snatch, Fight club etc….

What’s next for Double S?
Kevin: taking over a third world country

Zac: Double S will be doing some extensive touring in 2004 and recording their second release to back up Between Yesterday and Tomorrow.

Sean: more songs written by Fred Durst I mean Jeb Bernert

Jeb: Major motion pictures

Do you guys have anything to promote?

Jeb: Our Debut Album “Between Yesterday and Tomorrow”