The Forgotten

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

What is your name and what to do you in the band?
My name is Gordy and I’m the main screamer.

Can you give me a little bit of a background about The Forgotten?
We are a San Jose, CA band that has been around since late 97. We have toured with AF, Peter Testube, The Business, US Bombs and Oxymoron to name a few. Played HITS in England and the US and we tour EU as much as we can.

How was the Pure Punk tour?
The Pure Punk tour was great because of the people that were on it. The booker did a crap job, but we punks on the tour wouldn’t let it piss us off too much.

Do you have any dirt on each other?
Nice try but we band guys stick together. I can’t reveal anything that might get one of my bros busted. sorry.

What do you do besides being in a band, do you guys have day jobs?
As much as I love music, sometimes I do with I was doing something else. Every once in a while I wish I had a 9 to 5 office job so I could put on a tie and suck some asshole’s cock for a 5 cent raise. Then get treated like shit by some fat old HR director and live under the threat of layoffs.

Which bands would you like to tour with, or would have liked to tour with?
I would love to tour with the original Misfits. or Johnny Cash.

Do you have any positive messages to the kids?
My message for the Kids?? Listen to everything, but don’t believe it. make your own decisions, but make them informed decisions.

What are your feelings about cloning humans? Isn’t it funny that the newest Star Wars named it’s title “Attack Of The Clones,” right around the same time President Bush was talking about cloning?
HA, yeah clone wars and shit right!?!? I think cloning is stupid. Leave playing God to the almighty or me.

What’s one cause that you think is worth fighting?
One cause to fight?? there are so many good ones. If I had to pick one general one I guess I’d say “to teach a lesson that can be learned no other way”

What new CDs have you bought recently, or have been listening to lately?
I just got some new cd’s and they are: Gen X, Hedwig, new Damned, Bauhaus best of, the Business no mercy, The police, TSOL, AC/DC, PIL, Oingo Boingo and Rose Tattoo.

What are your thoughts about file sharing?
I don’t like sites that give you an artists music. it’s not about money but principle and respect.

What band has gone too far and should give up??
WOW. You want some shit talking huh? I think Paul Shaffer’s band on the Late show. They suck except Anton the drummer.

FAVORITE QUESTIONS: Bands, Movies, Books, TV Shows, Cereal, and Supermodels?
Alright, My favorite: bands: Bombs, Youth brigade, Utters, Rancid, Cash, SLF, Blitz, Adicts, The Business, GBH,…………… Movies: Clockwork Orange, the great rock n roll swindle, fight club, sleeper, the princess bride, Dead alive, Suberbia, Yellow submarine Books: Weave World by Barker, Behold a Pale horse by Cooper, The Regulators by Bachman (king) TV shows: Simpsons, Sopranos, OZ, South Park, Elimidate, Stern, Springer, all porn Cereal: I don’t eat it Supermodel: I hate skinny chicks. ya need something to throw around in the sack!

Any final thoughts or things to promote?
last thoughts? naw, just check out our site at