Interviews | Sep 11th, 2005

Was ICYUOD originally called Zack Attack?

Have you guys ever been under pressure with midterms and had to take caffeine pills like Jessie Spano?
No, we stick to crack and meth during mid-terms

Would you rather have sex with Jessie who had the clap or Kelly who had crabs?
I’ll take Lisa with Gonhorrea

Did Casey Kasem ever host a biography on your band?
No, but he did have sex with our mothers

Has the band ever fought over a girl like Zach and AC Slater did in episode 62, “The Fight?”
No we go by the philosophy share and share alike

Does your manager look like Mr. Belding?
We manage ourselves so, no we’re not that lucky in terms of appearance

Do you guys hang out at the Max at all?
Only on the weekends

Did you ever participate in a teen hot-line, and became close to a disabled girl?
Only if being a slut is a disability

Have any of you ever got struck by lightning and then became psychic?
Yes, but then I got hit by a car and the blow to my skull made me forget I was psychic

Who in the band resembles Screech the most?
Sammy, our bass player

Do any of you have a hair lip like Lisa?

Can ICYUOD cover “Friends Forever” and dedicate it to me please?
We could have, but, our keyboard player left the band last week

Got anything to plug Preppie?
Just your mom

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