Jazz Face (Nick, Dave)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

Who the fuck are you?
This is Nick and Dave from the band Jazz Face. we play Ska/Rock/Funk/Punk/Jazz/Civil War Music/whatever else there is to play.

Jazz Face? Why not Jizz Face?
Funny you say that, we get asked that alot. Mostly the reason for it being Jazz would be that we are happily heterosexual. and its all about the Jazz Faces.

Is it true you torture kittens? Or do they mean that metaphysically, in terms of the crappiness of your music?
if by kitten, you mean our sax player, then yes, but otherwise, i dont know how that rumor got started.

Would you rather suck off another guy or toss your grandmother’s salad?
my Grandma’s pretty hot shit, thats all im gonna say.

Why should anyone care about your band, other than the fact you’d consider sucking off another guy or tossing your grandmother’s salad?
Because its all about the music! and the Grannies

Would you take a batch in the face to further your career?
Wait so how did we get this interveiw again?

Would you like me to further your career?
Go for it. Like a Dancing MeatLoaf in the middle of the Alps.

Okay, plug your crap.
Alright, well heres some real info about us. Our Name is Jazz Face, we are a 6 member ska band seeking out a singer. although we do not have a “Lead Vocalist” yet, We Certainly have gotten by fine from the 4 of us that can sing. We are Based in North Jersey and can draw quite well. Book us shows! we Play for cheap. and we just want to be loved. Check us out at www.Jazzface.cjb.net or email us at [email protected] SKA MUSIC!