Jim Testa

Interviews | Apr 25th, 2008

Jim Testa is best known as the editor of Jersey Beat fanzine, which he has been publishing since 1982 (and which has now become a web-zine at here) In 2001, he began performing locally in NJ and NYC as a singer-songwriter, influenced by storytelling and often comedic folk artists like Jonathan Richman, John Prine, and Loudon Wainwright III. He has released two CDs and is working on a third. The second, “There Goes The Neighborhood,” was described by the Village Voice as “catchy, quirky, and a lot of fun.”

Jim Testa is awesome and he makes my heart sing.

Your songs are so magical. If your music could cast a spell, what would it be?
The entire world would smile and be a happier place. And you could get a parking space in Hoboken.

What would mean more to you – if your music was used to heal injured dolphins or as the soundtrack to my “first time”?
Since my songs run more than two minutes, they’re too long for your “first time.” So, dolphins.

When you look upon your sea of adoring fans, what pops into your mind?
The scene in Frankenstein when the villagers storm the castle with torches and ropes.

If you could start a punk rock supergroup, who would you invite to join the band?
You. Then I know we’d get good press.

Clearly, you can succeed at anything. What other fields of interest are missing out on your talents and genius?
I think I would have been an outstanding schoolteacher. As it is, I’ve been twisting the minds of young people for 25 years.

When I first walked upon the sand, I saw two sets of footprints, but now I see only one. Where did you go?
Pick one:
a.) abducted by UFO
b.) sucked out with the tide
c.) decided I didn’t want to be stuck on an island with the likes of you

Tell me an inspirational story about your music.
I once played a solo acoustic set at a huge skateboard park filled with 14 and 15 year olds. I thought for sure they’d either hate me or ignore me. The band before me was a ska band, and I saw four kids, two boys and two girls, dancing like crazy. So I had them come up on stage when I started and introduced them as “The Jim Testa Dancers,” and had my own go-go dancers. All the kids loved seeing their friends on stage and danced along with every song I did. It was awesome.

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