Johnny Socko (Josh)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

How did Johnny Socko form?
College friends, childhood friends, friends in low places, etc. Actually, we were genetically engineered to be rockers. It was out of our hands from the onset.

What is the meaning behind the name,”Johnny Socko”?
Ridiculously bad Japanese TV show from the 1970’s. Johnny Socko was a young boy who controlled the Giant Robot (name of show).

Who are your musical influences?
Just about everything. Johnny Cash to Sonny Rollins, Black Sabbath to Guided by Voices, Van Halen to Duke ellington, Herb Alpbert to Queens of the Stone Age, etc.

What motivates you to write or perform songs?
The creative process motivates me. I get ideas for songs, so I HAVE to get them out. We’re fortunate enough to be able to perform our music in front on people that dig our music. We are very, very lucky!

If it wasnt for Johnny Socko, what would you be doing now?
Probably not this interview. I’d be working in my garden.

How come you dont put any albums out on Asian Man Records anymore?
Mutual decision. We were getting away from the ska, and Mike loves the ska (not that we don’t) but he heard our latest studio album (Quatro) and thought that we would both benefit by us creating our record label (Triple R Records) and releasing it ourselves. Mike and Socko are still cool, and of all of the people I’ve met in the music biz, he’s probably the most honest, down to earth guy you could ask for. I have a tremendous amount of respect for both Mike, Asian Man records and what he’s doing. It’s a breathe of fresh air compared to some of what people are doing to music and scenes. Viva Asian Man records! Viva Johnny Socko!

For a person who has never heard of Johnny Socko, what would you describe your style of music?
Music. High energy, kick-butt rawk! Rock band with a horn section…you tell me.

What are your views on mainstream/commercialism vs Underground?
There isn’t enough time for me to adequately rant about some of my views, and I prefer to keep a positive angle in interviews. Let’s just say that there are many aspects of the music world where some of the harder working folks don’t necessarily receive the rewards that they should while there are many people and businesses that do more harm than they realize. Music is precious to humans, and it’s a shame that there are people that do things to taint that. But business is business…

What is the overall message you try to portray in your music?
High energy, postive rockin’ fun. Good music to vacuum to! And the cleaner your house, the happier you are. Fact.

What is next for Johnny Socko?
We go into the studio (in Nashville, TN) with super engineer/producer Ken Lewis in early June. We’re not sure when it will be finished, could be out by early fall. Super Rock fun time awesome Socko music.

Do you fear the mullet?
You can’t if you live in Indiana, there are too many.

Any last words?
Support your scene; support original & live music!