Kill Your Idols (Andy)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

SPOJ: Name and why you play what you play?
MY name is Andy and because I don’t know how to play anything else.

SPOJ: Explain KYI and where it came from.
Musically, I guess just straightforward hardcore punk. We try to be a band with a message, not necessarily a specific agenda as much as a message of encouraging people to be themselves. Rather than be what other people want them to be, or what the scene is expecting of them but to think for themselves and be themselves.

SPOJ: This line-up has been solid. Do you feel it is the final one?
Yeah honestly, knock wood, right now we are as good and tight as we can be everyone write together as good as we could hope. This line up is really solid line up, like emotionally as well as like the band

SPOJ: Ever think you would be headlining CBGB’s for your record release party?
Never, its like when me and Gary started “Yo image a few kids got our record and one time we play, there was actually like a pit.” Now this is like our third time headlining CBGB’s, its insane.

SPOJ: Your websites’ motto is “Making Depression Fun Again.” Some people might not understand what that means. Please explain it.
Basically, its because a friend of mine said that to us because our music is like upbeat as far as hardcore goes, so it isn’t very dark. The lyrics are much more personal and depressed. When you go to a show and everyone is having fun and dancing, it is like we’re taking this feeling and making the most of it. So it is kinda like a joke but it represents things perfectly

SPOJ: Has anything drastically changed since the release of No Gimmicks Needed?
Yeah, very drastically, Gary had quit the band and come back and since he came back it had been like a whole new attitude, everyone is much more into than we were. We were getting sidetracked and concerned with stupid little things. It’s brought us closer together and tighter as a band.

SPOJ: Did you leave Blackout! For any reason other than moving up.
Our contract was up and we just felt Side One was a good step and Blackout! agreed with us.

SPOJ: Why Side One Dummy?
First of all 7 Seconds is on the label, that is Gary’s absolute favorite band. It is just amazing to be on a label with them. Honestly the things (Side One dummy) did for us proved exactly how they were going to be behind us. We were getting to the point were a lot of labels were being touched just because we were becoming well known. Where as, the wanted to do us because they like us. I mean the first time they saw us, they flew to Las Vegas and there were 25 kids at the show. They weren’t expecting to sign the next big thing but they signed a band that they think could sell a lot of records because they think we are really good and have a good attitude.

SPOJ: With zero tolerance for violence in schools have you heard of kids getting in trouble for wearing KILL Your Idols clothing?
Yeah, A girl in New Jersey got throw out of her school for wearing KYI shirts, she kept on wearing them, I don’t know what ever happened with that she never really follow up with it.

SPOJ: Damn
Its fucked up right?

SPOJ: “Should have drank it straight/But I hate the taste” “Couldn’t we just sit and share a smoke again” Quotes from the new album and it brings up the question you guys still edge?
Yeah Totally, not all of us but I did. Both of those lines really kinda represent something like that song “All That And Vans Too,” with “Couldn’t we just sit and share a smoke again,” that is like a personally thing that happened in my life. Couldn’t we just sit and share a smoke again, doesn’t represent “yo man you got a cigarette” it represents a time and a feeling. I wrote things a little different on this record, I used different influences, its not that become artistic but after 7 releases my writing has matured a little. No one else could capture that cause it was me and one other person I shared that night with, but to me that represent kind of a mood and captures that night rather than actually then talking about having a cigarette. And with Should have drank it straight/But I hate the taste, isn’t necessarily referring to alcohol as much as it is a play on words when you have like a shitty taste in your mouth

SPOJ: sorry if that offended you
No, not at all. No I am not relatively close to sXe anymore,

SPOJ: New York State’s budget is 110 days late. How does this shit happen?
Well I don’t know the specifics but I can just say simply that politics is so fucked up is cause people don’t get involved. We have a president that wasn’t even really elected into office and it shows how much apathy toward politics. People don’t realize that we are a democracy and as much as this system might be corrupt, there is still strength in numbers. In a capitalist society people represent money to politicians so if even people banned together about an idea, politicians like it or not they are going do what is in the interest of the voters. Unfortunately there aren’t enough voters, that is the problem. That is why things don’t get done, everyone sits home and reads in the paper and complains but doesn’t get out there and make a difference.

SPOJ: Do you guys get home from tour and work a regular job or does the tour provide until next tour.
We kinda switch off, Gary has a job, Reaph has a job, Paul has a job, and brain does stuff on his own, and I do stuff on my own to get by. Depends on how much touring we do, when we went to Japan we were able to sit pretty for a while.

SPOJ: What kind of education do you guys have?
I have an equivalency diploma. None of us really have any special training, this is the end of the line for us.

SPOJ: Anything else?
o Nope, thanks for the interview.

SPOJ: Thank you