Interviews | Oct 18th, 2008

“I Think My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon” is the latest Lagwagon album out on Fat Wreck Chords. It came out already but be sure to pick that up if you haven’t already! Steve Bauer decided to send some questions over to Joey Cape. Here’s what he had to say:

How has life been going recently? Has it been relaxing, busy, boring?
Busy, boring but fun. It’s always changing. I’ve been on tour a lot these days.

Lagwagon has been a band whose songwriting has evolved over their career. As many long running punk bands seem to rest on their laurels, what inspires you to keep progressing?
It’s never calculated. I think It’s part of life to evolve and if you fully submit to the natural progression, you will change. Ultimately, the closer you are to your true evolution as an artist, the better your art will be. People are drawn to conviction. And they may not know exactly when a person is acting or fake but they will see and hear when you it comes from the heart.

If my older brother listened to Lagwagon, then what did Lagwagon listen to?
We all listened to a lot of music. We have a pretty diverse background. I don’t really know where to begin. But there are not any rules regarding what a person can put on the stereo on tour.

With the amount of projects that all of the members of Lagwagon are involved in (RKL, Playing Favorites, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes), what keeps you guys coming back to the band?
Lag Wagon has enabled us to have other projects. It is the original, it is our family and as long as it exist It will be our priority

If I am not mistaken (or if the Fat Wreck page is not mistaken), you guys started out in 1988. Twenty years is a long time for a band. Do you have any special events planned for the anniversary?
Really it was 89. We are getting close to 20 years. Nothing planned. Maybe a party, but that wouldn’t be special. We have those all the time.

What argument are you guys always having in the bus/van touring?
Who drank all the whiskey?

Who in the band has the smelliest feet and how smelly are they?
Chris Flippin, but they are the biggest. Yeah, they stink bad.

What was the scariest moment the band ever had on stage?
At a show in Milan, Italy, the barricade broke and there were 2000 plus kids that rushed the stage and stole a bunch of our stuff. It was pretty crazy, basically a riot. But really nothing seems all that scary on tour after all these years. well, maybe when we got arrested in South Carolina and the cops took us in a field and made us kneel with our arms behind our heads. The stood behind us. I thought they were going to shoot us. Another incident was in Munich, Germany. A bunch of skin head/ security guards beat some members of Lag Wagon, Avail and The Bouncing Souls. It was after a show we had
played there. That was scary, because after about fifty of those thugs beat us the cops came and handcuffed and arrested some of the band members and took them to a private room on the venue site where they continued to beat them. A terrible injustice. That was at Kunstpark Ost in Munich. We will never play there again. No one should.

What breakfast cereal character has inspired the band throughout their career?
Sorry, I can’t dignify that question with an answer… O.K., I will. Captain Crunch

With the recent rash of punk rock movies that have come out, who is playing Lagwagon in the biopic and what is the story about?
I do not have a complete answer for this either. Maybe Johnny Depp could play me. No he’s too tall. lol

What does the future hold for Lagwagon?
Who knows. We never plan or see anything as certain.


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