Less Than Jake (Roger)

Interviews | Mar 4th, 2007

Less Than Jake

First off, thanks for playing full albums, it was awesome. Many bands don’t do that and it’s just a great way of saying thank you, in my opinion. How did it feel? Did you think the crowds were receptive?

It was awesome, I can’t really put my finger on it. We played songs we haven’t played in 10 years, songs we’ve never played live, and songs we play all the time. I couldn’t believe the crowds, and how every one knows these “rare” songs that we almost forgot about.. it was really fuckin cool.

Do you guys plan on doing that any other time, in different towns across the US or abroad?
Possible album shows in London later this year….

If you could choose a setlist of all your back catalog, what songs would be on it? I know that is probably the hardest thing to answer, but go for it.
Ahh, man I dunno, I think when we do a tour, we try to mix it up, and play some crowd favorites and some not so popular stuff…I like the few songs that I get to play guitar live, so those would be on there…but whatever our last set list was is cool by me…

What’s your favorite venue and why? What town has the best crowd?
Ugh, I dunno, they all kinda blur together, I know I like the Astoria in London, it’s awesome. At some point, you ignore the little things like the layout of the venue, and really just feed off the crowds energy and enjoy the show. I know we have awesome fans all over, but something about playing in Japan is just amazing and the UK…They just know how to rock out…

What bands have you been listening to recently and what are your top 5 favorite bands of all time? More tough questions, I know.
Um, lately…The Gamits, Ignite, Lifetime, Nickleback, System Of a Down, and of course, Weird Al..Fav of all times for me it’s Descendents, ALL, KISS, Iron Maiden,Screeching Weasel, and NOFX is in there somewhere…

Here are some easy ones…

Mac or Windows?

Burrito or Taco?
One of each

Can, bottle or draft?

Favorite drink?
Purple stuff

Favorite band to go on tour with and why?
Teen idols were a blast, but my liver is paying for it.. Frenzal Rhomb prob. have the best sense of humor on the planet.. touring with ALL was like going to church every day, so inspirational..

Back to hard ones…

What are some of your future plans, plans for the band, the other guys?
I’m going to do another Rehasher CD, have some projects I’d like to record/produce, I have a studio and love working with bands on my down time. We will be touring this summer in the States..and some Japan tours. Somewhere in there, workin’ on new stuff, and poss. recording late in the year..

On Vinnie’s blog, he posted a few things which I read a little into, about possibly being dropped; any truth or you taking the fifth? If that’s the case, what do you think will happen?
I dunno, it’s all in the air still..

How do you think the scene and punkrock in general has been effected by Myspace, PureVolume, Friendster and the other social networking sites.
Well, its easier to get your stuff out there if you are a new band, and that’s cool, also you can learn a lot more about the bands you like. So I think the music listener is way more informed these days, which makes em picky, and I kinda like that…

How ’bout record sales and all that since p2p and Bit Torrent has really exploded?
Dude, it’s the same for rock, country, rap, etc.. we’re all screwed.

Do you and the other guys all hang out when you’re not on tour or just sometimes?
Yeah, we see each other but do take time off. You gotta do that, do your own thing sometimes..

Seriously Roger, thanks very much for taking time answering me. I appreciate it, especially since i’m a long time, die hard fan. Enough of the fanboy shizzle.