Kevin Lyman

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

Who is in charge of choosing bands on the warped tour?
bands- myself and Darryl Eaton, my partner, finally decide on the bands but I think this is the tour where the kids actually get alot of say. I scan the message boards read zines ( even the ones that bash me and the tour) and just talk to kids on the street and definitely go to alot of shows. I think we give a good representation of what kids want to see each year. some always say the line-up sucks and I say they should stay home.

What do you think kids are really into this year?
I think kids are really into bands like saves the day and new found glory right now I hope the bands can grow into their success and not be so influenced by people around them to let it go to their head. less than jake- not only because I manage them but they are drawing bigger crowds then ever and now that they are on FAT they seem to be known on the street more. I think kids are turning away from rap-rock and I think punk is getting real strong again the Atris sold over 7,000 records the first week kind of amazing for a band on kung fu.

What CDs are in your CD player right now?
I have to say Shaggy has been in alot lately that album was written and produced so well. Also, the International Noise Conspiracy is great they are going to be a big band. Otherwise I am listening to H20 they are also managed by me and I have been listening to the record alot. Otherwise the car is filled with demos from bands that have sent in for the tour. I try to listen to as many as I can had over 1200 submissions for this years tour.

Where did the idea of the warped tour come from?
Warped tour came from the old skate shows I did like vision skate escape and holiday havoc where we had the chili peppers and social distortion play during the contest. The afternoon I decided to put this together was after Board Aid and we were sitting in the snow and I said all this stuff is coming together sports music lifestyle lets do it first before we end up working for someone else doing it.

There has to have been some craziest Warped experiences. Name a few!
Warped tour is crazy by the moment I think when fletcher met kid rock and all the mayhem that ensued, is the craziest but fun things like all the band swimming in lake erie and the police coming up and saying we were all nuts and driving off and I looked around at the warped tour “ghetto” and said whow what brought us all together and thinking how much fun we all have doing what we love but getting some business done.

Who are your favorite bands to see on the warped tour?
I love to see the Bosstones, Dickie is such a showman I also like rancid, the vandals and anti-flag. It is all about the live show to me. Good reggae artists and blues festival; I check out. Right now flogging molly puts on great shows and the crowd goes nuts for them you have skinheads dancing with 60 year old grandmas throwing Guinness on each other.

What is your favorite warped venue and why?
I love the Asbury park show. Total street vibe on the jersey shore kids come from everywhere and for 8 hour the town is alive and then just as quickly it turns back into a ghost town.. San Francisco is beautiful beautiful by the bay and Montreal because you have 15,000 kids yelling at you in French on how fucked up we Americans are but, they are all having a great time they always rip up the grass and I get on the PA and yell at them to stop. They do and I think they do because I tell them all to fuck off and curse its the only words they understand.

How much time does it take to plan for warped tours? when do you start?
I am all ready planning for 2002 talking to bands that didn’t get on this year about next year.

Do you prefer frosted flakes or apple jacks?
Apple jacks

Brittney spears or christina aguillera?
I think if I was 20 years younger I figure out a way to load britneys trucks.

Did you ever think you’d be in charge of the warped tour?
No, I worked on big tours like lollapalooza but run one and start it no really. I’m so stoked the kids still back the tour I was out last night and like 4 kids came up to me and thanked me for keeping the tour going that makes all the hard work worth it.

Which year was your favorite warped tour?
I think they all have the good sides but that first year when we had no idea what we were doing and we survived even when people thought it wouldn’t gives me a lot of satisfaction. Last year was great since I won enough money gambling backstage to take my company to Hawaii is a highlight.

Side One Dummy Records? What’s your role in it?
I am a partner in side one with Joe Sib (22 jacks and Bill Armstrong. The label is growing and we are signing bands we like 2 new bands are coming out madcap and kill you idols on the label this summer. We look for bands that will work as hard as us. We will also, have a new flogging molly album out in the late summer I think they are about to become real well know. So get out and see them in a club before it is to late.

What are your thoughts on MTV?
MTV- kind of indifferent I think some good things are going on on M2 and now that we get much music down here I think doors will open to more bands as an outlet in that format.