Interviews | Nov 30th, 1998

Mephiskapheles, hell’s house band, are releasing their third album “Might-ay White-ay” on Gypsy Records, June 15th. Their first two albums, “God Bless Satan” and “Maximum Perversion” (on Moon Records) have been met with both success and controversy. Foolishly, we have asked the question, “Is Ska evil?” and Mephiskapheles have answered, “No, but we are.” This interview was conducted by Adam Coozer with Meph trombonist, the unholy Greg Robinson.

Since some people think that Ska is the Devil, and you worship the Devil, do you feel you have a conflict of interest?
Not at all. Ska’s just ska, but the Satanic part is deeply imbedded in what we do. We bring the Satanism to ska.

Is it true you eat your roadies?
No, you’re thinking of our groupies. We eat them. Occasionally.

Who would win in a steel-cage death match between Beelzebub and the Keebler Elves?

What about Beelzebub and a pack of rabid Furbys?
What’s a Furby?

The embodiment of pure, unadulterated evil and corruption.
Oh. (pause) Beelzebub.

Are Christian ska bands like Five Iron Frenzy, the Israelites, or the Supertones, your cosmic foes?
Nah, not really. We love Christian music. We find it inspirational.

Was Christ a vampire?
Why, because he rose from the dead?

And made his disciples drink his blood. And after all, he WAS crucified.
No, I think Christ is a really good character. He makes a damn good trademark.

What’s the worst sin you’ve ever committed?
Let’s just say that our worst sin is so incredibly vile, we can’t even mention it. We’re afraid to bring it up.

It was the recording of that tuna fish song, huh?
No comment.

Let me ask you… Are the goat sacrificing rumors true?
Yes, it’s all true. All the rumors you’ve heard about us are true.

Even the rampant heroin use and necrophilia?
All of them. Wait a minute… Let’s not go there.

If the poet Goethe was still around, do you think he’d dig Meph?
I would hope so. He’s been a big influence on the band.


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