Dave Mordal

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

Why did you get into comedy? What did you do before you were a comedian?
I started out comedy in a comedy class. Taught by a woman who was so unfunny I decided that anyone could do comedy. Before that I was a heavy equipment operator at a scrap yard in Anoka, Minnesota.

How did you find out about the Last Comic Standing?
The owner of the Acme comedy company in Minneapolis called me and talked me into it. I really didn’t want to do it at first.

How long were you in the house for? Did you ever get used to living with cameras in your face all the time?
I was in the house for about 3 and a half weeks, and you get used to the cameras really fast. You learn to watch your language immediately.

If you did your whole act with nothing but Mommy jokes, do you think you can be as good as Dat Phan someday? (Note the sarcasm)
Oddly enough I’ve been doing some new material where I talk like my Dad. Unfortunately we have the exact same voice.

Since you and Rich Vos live in different states, won’t that affect your sex life?
Not when there’s a phone handy.

Anything interesting happen off camera? Fights? More rats?
Ralph took off his clothes. Nuff said.

Was Dat Phan a nut case all the time or did he just appear that way on TV?
Nut case 24/7, 12 months a year.

Who wasn’t funny on the show? Were you surprised to see someone not in the final 10?
Sean wasn’t funny. I think Eddie Pepitone should have been in the house. He’s hysterical.

Since this website is generally a music website, what bands are you listening to these days?
Actually I listen to classical music if I listen to anything at all. Although I just saw BB king and Jeff Beck in concert and they were fantastic.

I’m surprised people in Elk River, Minnesota even have computers. How did you come by one?
I bought this one at a government auction. Took me two weeks just to delete all the porn on the hard drive.

Which street competition did you hate the most?
Getting people to come to a show sucked. I hated that one and my results showed it.

Were you nervous when you had to go up for “Head-To-Head Competition” twice?
I was nervous the first time but not the second. Maybe I should have been nervous the second time. That might have helped.

Did you steal anything good at the house you stayed at?
I have a towel. And a tee shirt of Ralph’s. And it’s hard to tell them apart.

Besides doing this interview, what’s one thing you regret in life?
Not quitting school at an earlier age. I wasted a lot of time in class.

Do you have anything in the works like a sitcom or a CD? Any live shows to plug?
I have lots of stuff coming up and you can find it at davemordal.com

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