Mustard Plug

Interviews | Sep 6th, 2007

Mustard Plug, thank you for playing the ska! Does it get lonely being the only one?
Yes. More lonely than you could ever know. I weep. My soul aches with grief. I cry into my porkpie hat. Only Bucket knows my pain. In fact we almost named the new album, “The Road to Skavation is Paved in the Tears of a Million Lost Rude Boys”….but it turns out Reel Big Fish is already using that for their next live DVD.

You guys play quintessential third-wave. But if you played, say, fifth-wave ska, what would it sound like?
I can’t wait for the 5th wave. I’m already planning a crunk-ska concept album that recounts the theoretical meeting of Biggie Smalls and Ghandi in heaven (they end up in a fist-fight).

What is each Plugger’s drink of choice?
Finally a serious question….

Colin – Miller Lite & Bloody Mary’s
Jim – Jager Bombs and White Russians
Brandon – Microbrews
Nate – Big cheap bottles of red wine
Rick – Ginger Ale
Dave – Bombay Sapphire & Tonic

Tell me a hot groupie story.
Dude….it was so awesome. Once, this really hot girl who was like totally over 18 came up to me after a show. I was loading some stuff into the van and she said. “Do you know how to get to 2nd Street and Vine”….and I was like, “Uh, I’m sorry I’m not from around here.” And then she said…”Oh thanks anyway”….and walked away. Dude, it was so rad!

What was the worst gig you’ve ever played?
Worst show ever? Easy. First let me tell you that we freakin’ rocked. But we were playing with this band called the Skatalites that everyone said created ska. So I kept yellin’ “hey play that “Impressions That I Get” song” and Yo!…old dude, play that “She’s
Got a Girlfriend Now,” but they like totally wouldn’t play it. So I snuck into their dressing room and drank one of their beers. Douchebags!

List five things that put you in a blind rage.
1. Blind people. Especially the ones with those dumb sticks and dogs.
2. Local ska bands with 5 out-of-tune horn players.
3. People who drive down the road in their Hummers, talking on their cell phones.
4. Telemarketers, unless they’re really hot.
5. Mornings. Hate ’em.

Who are the top three musicians you’d love to jam with in heaven? (Keep in mind that Rush are still alive.)
1. Bob Marley….but only if he’s forced to play the kazoo.
2. Lawrence Welk (I miss him so much!!)
3. Dimebag Daryl… best drummer of all time!

If you wrote a song about Jeff Goldblum, how would it go?
I know I guy who’s really really rad
The very coolest nerd that the silver screen’s ever had
He’s got big bulging eyes and was in Jurassic Park
You can’t imagine how he’s stole my heart.


Jeff, jeff, jeff your name is jeff
Jeff, jeff, jeff your name is jeff, Yeah!
Jeff, jeff, jeff your name is jeff
Jeff, Jeff and you’re the Best!

How does one become an honorary member of Mustard Plug? Do you have any particular rituals or hazing rites?
I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you. Yes there is a ritual but it is top secret. Those that become honorary members are sworn to absolute secrecy. Let’s just say it involves getting a tattoo somewhere only a licensed proctologist will ever see it, drinking extreme quantities of an unknown yellow liquid, and discovering your inner child and kicking his ass. All other details are TOP SECRET!

What is Mustard Plug’s key to happiness?
Play music, eat good food, drink good drinks, make new friends and laugh a lot at yourself and others.

Mustard Plug’s newest album ‘In Black and White’ is out now on Hopeless Records. For more info on Mustard Plug, visit their website at Thanks to Dave for doing the interview!


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