Night Birds (Brian Gorsegner)

Interviews | By on May 15th, 2013

Night Birds just released a fantastic new EP titled Maimed for the Masses on Fat Wreck Chords. I recently had a chance to ask Brian Gorsegner, frontman for the band, a few questions about the new EP, working with Fat Wreck, and other fun things.

The first thing a number of people say when describing Night Birds is that there is a surf influence. Where does that come from?
Our old guitar player Mike Hunchback, and our drummer, Ryan McHale were big into surf. They turned Joe onto a lot of stuff, and the 3 would always jam on surf riffs. We of course also like all of the early surf influenced punk… Agent Orange, JFA, the Mad, Helen Keller, TSOL, etc.

Your last record got a ton of positive reaction. Were you expecting such resounding acclaim?
We weren’t really expecting anything, but we are glad people dig it. We think it’s really good too!

Did it put any pressure on you as you worked on the follow-up?
A little bit, I guess… No one wants to hear a bunch of people say “Man, this band’s first record was cool, but this really sucks!” But at the same time, if we feel good about it, and know we put our all into it, I really don’t care. I’m really proud of the new record, and super happy with how it all turned out, so I have no regrets if and when some people inevitably shit on the new stuff. It’s bound to happen, it always does. But honestly, and I know everyone says this, I like the new album more than our first. It’s a little different, but it came together from start to finish SO much smoother than The Other Side Of Darkness.

Your recent EP was released by Fat Wreck, how did you get involved with the label?
I read in an interview that Chad, who works at Fat, did where he said he liked us. I sent him some new demos, he dug ‘em, I showed them to Fat Mike, who also dug ‘em, and that was really it. I think Fat’s a cool label and knew they would get our stuff exposed to an audience who might otherwise never know we existed. A lot of people think it’s a weird match up, but I think it’s cool. As much as I like the old jaded jerks like myself listening to my band, the idea of possibly being able to branch out to a younger audience was really appealing.

Did you guys grow up listening to a lot of other Fat bands? Who were some of your favorites?
Dillinger Four is still the best current band playing, even though they are not super active at the moment. The Descendents, the Dickies, Screeching Weasel, The Soviettes, New Bomb Turks, and NOFX are all pretty great too.

You have a full length planned for the summer to be released on Grave Mistake. Who are you working with on the record?
It was recorded and mixed by a gentleman named Mitch Rackin at Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn, NY. No producers or anything like that.

I was reading some reviews and you have been compared to everyone from the Dead Kennedys to the Misfits to the Casualties. What is the most ridiculous comparison you have heard?
Eh, I mean, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I recently saw us compared to The Offspring and I thought that was pretty funny.

If the Night Birds were a Seinfeld character who would they be?
Sue Ellen Mischeke, The Braless Wonder.

If there is a god, does he look like Mankind, Dude Love, or Cactus Jack?

Explain to me your perfect slice of pizza.
One from New Jersey or New York and nowhere else.


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