No Redeeming Social Value

Interviews | Nov 30th, 1998

Dammmmnnn… where you guys been lately??
Dean: What??? What?? Wassup… been???? We be out in the streets like REAL skins – keepin it real, keepin it to the streets. Yaknowhatimsayin?? NRSV is always keepin it real!! Just cause we be drinkin 40’s on the D.L. don’t mean we ain’t down wit da scene. Yaknowwhatimsayin’ We be chillin worldwide wit’ all the NRSV brew crew. We did a full year of touring to spread the HC reality – cause that’s what we do. Now we’re back at the base camp and chillin wit’ our man ODB and we’re working on a new CD for a Summer release. And of course we continue to drink 40’s. Yaknowhatimsayin??!!!! Yeahhhhhhh!

I see your name is a clever play-on-words on New Revised Standard Version, who share the same acronym. Which parts of the Bible do you enjoy reading the most?
Dean: Actually, you’ll always see us reading the good book in the tour van. I like to read it aloud for the crew on long drives. It helps you to reflect and be a better person. There are a lot of great life lessons in the Bible that only a fool would take lightly. I don’t really know if I have a favorite part – maybe ‘Psalms’, cause many of them are almost like songs. Thanks for pointing out that thing about the acronym…. pretty cool, I forgot about that reference.

How come most hardcore bands have shitty senses of humor? Can you smack em down for me?

Dean: Cause they’re all too busy trying to be HARD as nails. Many fake ass HC bands wanna play metal core, or rap core or try and say that they drink more 40’s than NRSV or try to talk a lotta mess. But when it comes down to it-N.R.S.V. is Truly HardCore!!! We’re not trying to be on some fake-gangsta mission or beat fuckers down at shows… we like HC music and having a good time – everything else is bullshit!!! Not only do we smack fuckers down on the regular, but if a band can’t rock the jam, then we gotta do the right thing and throw them the fuck off the stage.

If you could time travel back to a gig that you’d like to have changed, where/when would go?
Dean: No Regrets!!! But if I had to go back to a gig, it’d be the time I saw Ozzy at the Roseland in NYC. Man, he was kickass that night!!! What a show.

What comprises your Ultimate Burrito?
Dean: Mostly beans, corn, jalapenos, some chicken, and lotsa hot sauce. Gotta have the hot sauce. There was a really cool burrito place that we went to in Lawrence, Kansas on our U.S. tour last year. The guy was about to close up and it was the only chow place that was open after the gig. He heard that we were in a band and he stayed open for us – he even gave us free burritos. That guy was cool – and the quality of the food was not to be fucked with either, especially for a late night in Lawrence.

No Redeeming Social Value rocks the party. Check them out at here.