No Use For A Name

Interviews | Jul 6th, 2005

What made you decide to incorporate the flute into rock n’ roll?
Never used the flute. If you are talking about the ulean pipes on making friends, it was to further the authenticity of the irish song.

Are you really too old to rock n’ roll, but too young to die?
Uh. I don’t know. I don’t think I ve ever said anything like that. I think I’ll die when I’m like 80. I’m 34 now. Call me in about fifty years.

Do you guys like to be considered folk prog-rock or you don’t like to be pigeon holed to one genre?
Is this a Flogging Molly interview that got sent to No Use by accident?

Did you ever think the lyrics ‘Snot running down his nose’ would turn into a hit song?
What the fuck????

You have a new album out. How does it compare to Roots to Branches or Songs from the Wood?

*no answer*

Do you think you’re living in the past with the type of music you play?
Okay I’m done……thanks

How is the feedback towards Tony’s solo stuff? You know, his classical/ new age album ‘Divinities: Twelve Dances with God?’
Pretty sweet. I think my next thing is going to a German techo group call Bitenstrasse.

Besides the flute, what other instruments can you play?
The skin flute, the computer, and the main organ.

Were you shocked to win a Grammy for best heavy metal group in 1988?
No, we fucking deserved that shit man.

Is life a long song or a bungle in the jungle?
Long song.

Have you ever taken a dump that was thick as a brick?
Yes, in a pizza box back stage.

Whose the bigger asshole – Emerson, Lake or Palmer?

Do you have anything else to comment on Fat Man?
You’re pretty weird. Thanks.

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