One Man Army

Interviews | Nov 30th, 1998

Please tell me you didn’t take your name from that awful Roger Corman movie… Or is it a euphemism for masturbation?
I know of no such movie or Roger Corman….The name comes from my best friend’s dead grandmother…Or a comic book, I can’t remember…It may come back to me the next time I slam the ham, if you pardon the euphemism.

Your last two albums were on a label owned by Billie Joe of Green Day. Did he approach you with a giant roll of cash? Does he own your souls now? Is it true he tortures kittens? How do the Stern brothers (owners of your current label, BYO) compare to the Green Day crew? Which label is more punk rock?
D-All of the above.

Wouldn’t it be cool if women grew breasts on their backs instead of their chests? What would your ideal woman look like?
The question is, what would your ideal man look like? Would he have a dick on his back?

What sort of jobs did you guys hold, before becoming international superstars?
Jack ran a secondhand flower shop in San Francisco. Chip owned a distillery in Pride, Louisiana until local enforcement forced its closure. Heiko was coming to grips with his new life as a female German porn star.

Is there no greater force in this world than the power of a hug?
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The latest from One Man Army, Rumors and Headlines, is out now on BYO Records. Visit the band at here.