Only Crime

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Ok, I’ll ask the generic question first: How did the band get together ‘n stuff?
I asked Aaron if he’d want to start a band in 2002 while Good Riddance and Bane were on tour together. Then I called Zach and he was on board. Bill signed on about 6 months later and we recorded our album in February of this year.

Have you ever committed a crime?
Yes. Lots of skateboarding tickets. A couple speeding tickets.

Say I was an 80 year old lady and you had to describe your music to me in a real polite way, what would you say?
Only Crime plays upbeat delta blues.

All the members of Only Crime consist of ex-members of different bands, what band were you in and what happened that you’re not in that band now?
I am the singer in Good Riddance and I am presently still in that band as well.

What’s more punk rock: getting real tattoos or getting your tattoos from a Cracker Jack box?
Real tattoos – but just barely.

Your new album “To the Nines” got released recently, How do you think the overall recording process went?
It was great. I learned a lot (as always) and really had to push myself as a lyricist and singer. The other guys were very supportive and we had a lot of fun recording this album.

When playing in front of a packed house of screaming punk fans, does your mind ever wander to what life would’ve been like had you graduated high school?
All the time.

Is it difficult to masturbate on tour?
It’s difficult to obtain a modicum of privacy. The actual act isn’t all that challenging.

Do you have something from your childhood you won’t let go, like a toy, doll, or whatever?

Would you rather stumble upon pics of your girlfriend online doing kinky shit you’ve never even heard of, or find out that your mother was once a man?
Girlfriend online. Even though I don’t have a girlfriend that sounds a little bit more appealing at the moment.

Spiderman 2 or Xmen 2?
Neither.. swamp thing 2!

What’s the best part about my website (make shit up, I don’t care haha)
The savory recipes using pumice!!

Final Thoughts Jerry Springer?
Voting is important. register and do it now!!

Visit Only Crime’s website at : and buy their new CD “To the Nines” on Fat Wreck Chords.