Mike Park (Skankin’ Pickle/ The Chinkees/ Asian Man Records)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

Let me congratulate you on Asian Man Records. It seems you have done so much for That Label and the for the scene over there in Cailfornia. You’re label is like the Moon Records of the west coast. What is the future of Asian Man Records, like for new rele
Geez! I’ve got a ton of great stuff coming out! Way to many to list, but look for a bunch of 7″ stuff. I plan on running asian man out of my parents garage forever! I love the label and hope my work reflects on the stuff I put out!

Your going to put up an Asian Man Records Store soon right?Where’s it going to be located?
It’s actually an on-line store.

You’re probably sick of hearing this question but why did you leave Skankin’ Pickle and Dill Records? Was it time to move on?
Just cause my ideas and goals were different. That’s all.

How did you come up with the idea for Ska Against Racism? Wasn’t it a tour that the Busters did? I don’t know since I’m only 19 and only been listening to ska for 2 or 3 years now.
To my knowledge , this is the first ska tour of its kind. I wanted to confront the ongoing problems of racism. I feel with this tour we’ll break down many walls.

Was just on your part or did a lot of people think of doing a tour like this?
Just me.

What bands seemed interested in doing it?
Everybody, I got about 100 calls from different bands.

Do you receive any flack for being a D.I.Y label from anyone and for selling the albums cheap( which I appreciate that you do)?
No, I don’t think anyone would complain about low prices? That wouldn’t make sense.

Who are your best friends in the Ska scene?
TOASTERS, Asian Man Bands,Mustard Plug are a few.

And a common question…why are ska or punk bands signing to major labels?
I don’t really have an opinion. I think everyone is entitled to do what they want. And who am I to say if it’s right or wrong.

What’s your feelings on the situation and the “sellout” issue?
I don’t really have an opinion. I think everyone is entitled to do what they want. And who am I to say if it’s right or wrong.

What are your favorite bands in the scene today?
MU330 is my all time favorite, but obviously I like all the bands on my label.

Do you think there is a difference between west coast ska bands and east coast ska bands?
Well, there’s definite influences from the areas, but I think in general there’s a bunch of variety with both scenes.

What were your favorite bands when you were growing up as a kid?
7 Seconds, OINGO BOINGO, DEVO, B-52’s

How did you meet the band members in Skankin’ Pickle?
In High School

What’s new with The Bruce Lee Band? They’re going to be on The Ska Against Racism Tour Right? When’s the new album coming out?
Nothing new. Less Than Jake who make up the rest of the band is way to busy to do anything right now, so I’m just waiting. On the tour I’ll be playing with MU330 doing the back up music.

Do you feel there will be a reunion of Skankin’ Pickle or are you not the reunion type?
Not with me

What was the worst experience while on the road?
Getting the flu, and throwing up between songs.

What was the worst experience while playing?

What are your favorite movies and TV shows?
16 candles, and Degrassi Jr.High

When did you start liking Ska or punk? How did you first hear it? like on the radio back in the 80’s, a friend told about, etc..?
In 1983, I started getting into underground music and I just got heavily involved.

What was the most memorable time while playing? Wasit for Skankin’ Pickle or Bad Manners?
Definitely Bad Manners, cause I was a big fan and I was very young at the time. I learned a lot from the singer.

What band or bands do you think is really going to “go places” and become some what similar or popular to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones or another popular ska band?
Who knows? I have no idea?

Do you feel that the Ska Against Racism tour will help exterminate some racism in America? Is this what your trying to acclomplish?
Well, I think it will help bring consciousness to the problem. There’s always going to racial problems, but we’ll start with this tour!

Who’s your favorite comedian?
Margaret CHO

who’s your favorite actor or actress?
Jason Lee

Did you find a drummer yet for the Chinkees? Is there going to be a CD or tour of the Chinkees anytime soon?
Yes, but I don’t know when I’ll be touring?


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