Rick Ta Life (25 Ta Life/ Comin Correct)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Name, and how did you get into hardcore and did you know you wanted to be active in it from the start?
Rick Ta Life. I got into hardcore through metal crossover. Bands like COC, DRI, AF, Cro Mags, shit like that. After I toured with AF in 92, that’s when I decided that I wanted to be in a band.

You’ve done a lot for hardcore in the past, what is your main focus right now?
Comin Correct, my label, Back TA Basics, and just supporting the scene any way I can.

How did that come about?
Well, I started Comin Correct in 95 along with the label and continue to do both with fun being my biggest motivation. Meeting people, helping out bands, playing shows every week.

How do you feel about hardcore heading mainstream with Candiria having a 7 minute spot on MTV news talking about their music, and H2O signing to MCA?
It’s great! For the bands getting signed. It’s great to make money at something you love. The thing is there are only a few bands that are going to make it. You have to do this with love or you won’t last. There area lot more “downs” than “ups.” So if your heart is in the right place, you’ll last, but be prepared to lose a lot of money! haha

What direction do you feel hardcore is headed? Mainstream or back underground and those two bands are the only one going big?
Hardcore will always be underground. There is always the exception, but it is only a few. Great for them, the rest of us continue to play squats, traveling in a van with no a/c in the middle of summer and do it with a smile on our faces because anything beats working 9-5 for some dick in a suit and tie.

How was the CC tour in Europe?
Great! We did the UK, Scotland, Whales, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, & Austria. It was a really good time. Did a show with US Bombs & Broken Bones in the UK. It was a blast!

Big difference in scenes in Europe or is it the same as over here?
The underground was way more kickin. Here it’s all money, what label you’re on. Out there it’s more focused on the underground, your message, and what your band stands for, not whether you have a label like Atlantic or Fat behind you. You know? There is a lot of cool people both here and Europe. We just have to get it together a little more in the US.

With BackTaBasics, CC, and other things, do you ever feel drained with all this and just take a step back for a few weeks?
Of Course! I’m definitely into vacations. But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and a lot of times I have to put the vacation on hold.

Are computer’s a help to the underground music scene, or just another way to argue over petty shit on message boards?
There is a lot of bullshit that comes along with the computer. But for the most part, it’s the best thing ever. If you are in a band you can get in contact with so many people now in Europe, Japan, all over the US. It’s the best time to be in a band.

How is the hardcore flea market going?
Still going strong. Toned down a lot. Due to working construction, I don’t have as much time, but I do what I can.

How did that come about?
I do my label and a lot of times people don’t want to pay, so I trade and it just GREW!

What was the last record you bought?
Here is a list of a few: 1- Weezer 2- H20 3-At the drive in 4-Thursday 5-Hank Williams Jr 6-80’s tape with the Fix Oingo Boingo 7-Best of the Exploited 8-GBH 9-The Business 10-4skins 11-Last Days of April 12-Everything else hardcore wise, we get promos! haha

With all this new home computer cd-r and home recording, is it easier for less talented bands to put out music and fill up shows and basically burn out before they could develop?
You got it! That’s what makes a good one a good one.

If you could go anywhere because of music where would it be, doesn’t have to be geographical maybe a position of sorts?
Australia/Ireland/Brazil/China are some of the places I would like to go. I’ve been to Japan. That was the top of the list. As well as London, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland.

Would you like to see more girls in hardcore and just being their boyfriend’s merch dealer?
Come on, you have to give the ladies more credit than that. There are tons of girls in bands and that are involved. What’s up with the sexist questions. Haha. There could always be more girls (with tattoos)

I am writing this on father’s day, so that is the basis of this question, how did your parents accept your lifestyle choice in hardcore?
They loved it. They love me. This music has helped guide me and helped me straighten my life out through the music and the message.

Musically year in and year out who impresses you the most?

Dead or alive, pop or underground who would like to work with?
Boy George. Thanks for the interview. Get in touch with me for merch, & to book the band!

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 973-278-7376