ShiteHawks (Niff)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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ShiteHawks… so you admit you’re a flying turd?
With plenty of crunch!

Your band is from Boston. Would you say you’re more of a drunken fratboy idiot, or a Good Will Hunting pretty boy wimpfart?
Actually, apart from our drummer who grew up here, we’re more like those assholes that moved here to get a band going.

What can one expect from a ShiteHawks show, besides intestinal cramps and assaults to the eardrums?
Beer, blood, aging punks & skins, and the anti-ShiteHawks. And if you’re lucky, we’ll butcher an old ska or reggae classic inna punk syle.

Good lord, I hope I’m unlucky.. Would you take a batch in the face to further your career?
Only if it was yours.

Well there goes my follow-up question. So, anyway, why exactly are you wasting your time?
Heh… with this interview, or with the band? We’d do it all for the kids, but all the clubs that don’t kick us out when we play are 21+, so that’s out. We’d do it for the women, but there aren’t any women in punk rock, so that’s out. I’d say free beer but we drink more than they pay us, so that’s out too. Must be due to the fact that they’ll give us microphones to annoy people with when we’re drunk, and that’s good enough for me.

Alright, plug your shit.
Ummm… I hate this part. Go check out for all you need to know. We’ve got crunch, we’ve got soul, we’ve got rock n roll, and dammit… people hate us! Or at least they should. Thanks Adam!