Sound The Alarm

Interviews | Jun 28th, 2007

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Sound the Alarm is a hot new emo-pop powerhouse, whose major label debut “Stay Inside” will be unleashed on July 17, 2007. I spoke with drummer Rick about their level of rockitude in the non-rocking world of emo. His answers may shock you. -Adam Coozer

Sound The Alarm, how the heck are you doing today? Gosh darn skippy, I hope!
Right now I’m sitting in Oklahoma City drenched from the massive amounts of humidity. But besides that, the rest of the guys and myself are all doing very well. Thanks for asking.

I assume because your name is three words, middle word being “the”, that you play crappy emo (i.e. Saves the Day, Poison the Well, Reach the Sky, Hug the Kitten, etc.). Apologize.
Hahaha. Well to assume makes an ASS out of U and ME. That’s what my elementary school teacher said. Haha but in all honesty its a name, the music will speak for itself. Be it positive or negative.

On the rockometer, with AC/DC being 10, Saves the Day being 1, and Shari Lewis & Lambchop being 2, where do you register?
I’d say a 7. Seven is always a good choice. We like to think that guitar solos and driving riffs are something that should remain a cornerstone in modern pop/rock. So that’s what we aim for.

Tell me about the last fight you got into. How badly did she beat you up?
Last fight…. Hmmm, well I’ve never been in a fistfight but I kick Colin’s (bass player) ass from time to time. I’m rather non-confrontational.

Okay, enough about you guys. What’s something you’ve always wanted to know about me?
Hmm, if you could eat your last meal what would you eat and whom would you eat with?

Human flesh since it’d be my last meal and I’d regret not having tried it. I’d eat it with Jeff Goldblum. What’s your favorite thing about our web site,
I enjoy reading junk so it fits perfectly. When on the road sitting at a venue before the doors open, I always need a good site to surf and pass the time. Hence

If you took me on a first date, where would we go?
Mickey D’s and a good movie because a good time in Pennsylvania isn’t measured by $$$ if you know what I’m sayin-sayin. ;)

What’s the most awesome thing about Pennsylvania that no one knows about?
Well there are a lot of great gems that I can’t just give away for free, but for what its worth, I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the country. And it’s the home of Yuengling. What’s up?

If punk rock was a salad, what kind of vegetable would Sound the Alarm be and

Those little corn on the cob things that you never see. I love those things but never have the chance to eat them. We’re special and unique like each individual little kernel on those mini corns. God I like them a lot.

Finally, I must congratulate you on the major label deal. Can I have some money?
I appreciate the recognition but we’re not to be judged by the label. We’re just trying to do something we love and make it in this dog eat dog world. As for the money, I can lend you some at 10% APR. You let me know if you’re interested haha.