Street Dogs (Mike McColgan)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

What made you get back into playing music again?
I got back into music because of a one Jeff “The Shark” Erna. Jeff,who is the drummer of Street Dogs,called me up about a year and a half ago and asked me if I was up for singing in on some songs with him and a one Rob Guidotti,our guitar player, and I of course said yes because I have history with Jeff because we played together a long time ago in DKM.Plus I had never really stopped writing lyrics even though I dropped off the radar screen for awhile. I basically had a yen to get back in to playing and writing and the call from Jeff was just the push I needed.

How did the Street Dogs get together?
The answer to question one really is the answer to question two but in the interest of adding a little more to it when myself,Jeff and Rob had been playing for awhile we decided to record a demo just to see if there was any interest out there for what we were doing.Much to our surprise there was a significant amount of interest so we added a bass player,Michelle Paulhaus(currently the bass player for the Dents) and she played some area shows with us but due to her commitment with the Dents she could not commit to us fully, so we went with Johnny Rioux (former bass player for Elmer, the Bruisers,Roger Miret and the Disasters,Mike Ness) and we have been pleased with our direction and music ever since.We signed to Crosscheck records,a punk and hardcore based imprint of CMH records which is a country and bluegrass label and our debut album savin hill comes out September 23,2003.

Are you still working as a firefighter? If so, is it something that has lived up to your expectations?
I am still currently employed as a Boston Firefighter and the job has totally exceeded my personal expectations.I am very pleased and content with the job.It is a very rewarding profession helping others.

Have you ever rescued an old lady on the floor and she said “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up?”
I have helped out a significant amount of old ladies who have had medical ailments or conditions but I haven’t had it happen were an old lady has told me that she has fallen and she can’t get up.

What was the worst job you ever had?
The worst job I ever had was washing dishes at a nursing home when I was 14. It was too hot in the kitchen and the dishes just never seemed to stop because the nursing home was huge.It sucked arse let me tell ya!

Do you still talk to members of the Dropkick Murphys?
I keep in contact with Ken and every now and then I bump into Matt at Boston Bruins games during the winter.Myself,Ken and Matt are all huge Boston Bruins fans. So every now and then we go to a game or two together.

Would the Street Dogs ever play some shows with DKM? Or do you want to disassociate yourself with them and just concentrate on your own band?
I would not rule out playing with DKM as I am honestly a fan of the bands even though I have left the group.I never anticipated that I would listen to and love the band once I left but I have and I think Al Barr has more than filled my shoes and Ken’s production on the record’s Sing Loud Sing Proud and Blackout is nothing short of phenomenal. I do however want the Street Dogs music to stand out on its own and not be a carbon copy of the time period of when I was in DKM.I am confident that our music will stand out on its own and give our us our own distinctive identity separate from DKM. Also I do not want to disassociate ourselves from DKM in the fraternal sense because we mutually back one another as bands but musically yes I want there to be a difference and distinction.

Was it weird at first, playing shows and recording your Cd since you’ve been out of the game for awhile?
Its funny you ask that because I totally anticipated a heavy amount of rust with my voice and stage presence and early on there was some, particularly at one of our earliest shows as a band at a venue called the pond in Cambridge,Ma., but beyond that show the band had more rehearsals and shows and I found my voice became much stronger than ever before and I felt way more at home up on stage.So when we did record our debut album the band went above and beyond our humble expectations and we are pleased with the results and hopefully other people will be too.

What kind of songs can we look for on your debut album, “Savin Hill?”
.Songs about confrontation,songs about work,songs about relationships,songs about motivation,songs touching ever so slightly on personal politics and finally songs about booze.

Did the Street Dogs want to play straight up punk rock because there is too many Celtic rock bands out there now?
We played punk driven and influenced rock and roll because that is what we wanted to do.That was the “only” reason we made our album that way.If we wanted to go Celtic we would have,If we wanted to do metal we would have,If we wanted to do Hardcore we would have.Street Dogs will do whatever the hell we want musically, we will not be pigeon-holed at all.

This might be hard to answer, but do you have one band that you couldn’t stop listening to when you were growing up?
The answer to this question is easy! The one band that I constantly listened to growing up and still do is the Clash.I have every album,I know every word,every grunt,yell and guitar driven salvo by the only band that mattered!

What other kind of music do you like to listen to besides punk rock?
Ska,classic rock,folk,early motown,soul,alt. rock, etc.

How do you think the Bruins will do this year? GO RANGERS! Yes I know they suck. haha.
Well my friend this is our year,not the over payed and under producing rangers year!,it has not happened since 1972 that the Boston B’s raised Lord Stanley and I believe this is our year! Honestly,I am just praying for Jeremy Jacobs,the bruins owner, to go out and get the three missing ingredients for theB’s,Goaltending,Defense,One more goal scorer!!!

Have you seen any good movies or read any good books lately?
Last good book I read was profiles in courage by John F.Kennedy and the last good movie I seen was the comedy old school with Will Ferrell.

Do you have anything to plug? (Shows, Website, Etc.)
Of course I do, go out and buy Street Dogs debut album Savin Hill on September 23! Give the Dogs a chance! Plus we don’t bite and we are house-broken!

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