Strung Out

Interviews | Jun 19th, 2007

Strung Out Concert Review

Strung Out is a mighty steed in Fat Wreck’s stable, consistently churning out metaltastic punk rock and eating many bundles of hay. I sat down with singer/artist Jason Cruz to discuss life, love, and their latest, “Blackhawks Over Los Angeles.” Or none of those things.

So far, in your 15+ year history, what has been the defining moment for Strung Out?
In 15 years I’d have to say the most defining moment for us would be doing this interview!

What are each of your secret powers?
We are not allowed to talk about each other’s secret powers but mine is the ability to travel great distances and be able to ‘amplify’ my voice using a complicated system of pulleys and levers.

Who/what creates the worst smell in the van?

Which tattoo do you regret the most?
The tattoo I regret the most would have to be the rather large ‘DUBYA O4’ tattooed on my arse.

If you had to choose, would you rather go on amazing tours but never be able to write/produce/record new music, or put out amazing studio albums but never be able to tour?
I think I would choose to put out fucking amazing studio records that are sooo good people would have to go on tour to see this shit live here in Pacoima.

Why do ladies so do love the Strung Out?
They love us because they can’t have us. We are soo consumed with our duties and obligations of destroying the world we have no time for ‘earthly’ pleasures.

What’s your worst habit?
Getting busted with crack.

Which band would you like to see torn to shreds by a giant, rabid Jeff Goldblum?
Pick up an issue of AP and choose one bitch!! This is war Jeff Goldblum style, bring it on!!!!

Will I ever find that certain special someone?
Only if you apply yourself, get a real job and move outta your mom’s house, dude. I mean its all right when you are in your twenties, but starts to get a little creepy when 30 hits.

What would be Strung Out’s epitaph?
Lord loves a working man, see a doctor and get rid of it… and never trust whitey!