Teenage Bottlerocket

Interviews | Feb 5th, 2008

You guys are peppy, energetic, full of fun. Why? What is there to be happy about? Aren’t you lying to yourselves?
Hi Mr. Grumpy Bear, nice to meet you.

We are nothing. Life is pointless. Death is everywhere. How do your lyrics address these basic truths?
We have one song about death, it’s called Blood Bath At Burger King.

Your teenage moniker reflects youthful abandon. All that life ahead of you, no cares in the world. But aren’t you disseminating false hope?
I don’t think we are. We are just playing music we love, and having as much fun as we can doing it.

Our presence in this moment of time has as much effect on the world as a brief, gentle breeze. Do you think our egos and feelings of self-importance are a defense mechanism against going crazy from the utter meaningless of our lives?
I don’t view my life as meaningless so I can’t really answer the question.

Is love permanent or temporary?
I’d say permanent. You can’t escape it or control it.

Do you think all of motivation is based on old-brain, evolutionary sexual drives? If there was no sex or libido, would your band exist?
Is this a fancy way of asking if I’m only in a band to get laid? Our band would exist whether or not I was getting it on.

Is there any greater emotion than regret? What do you regret most about your band?
That’s a tough one. I’m not sure. Perhaps not getting paid in Columbus. I should have put my foot down.

Can I get a hug?
Sure man.

Ahhh…. I feel better now. Life is good. Ignore everything I said. Please don’t kill yourselves or, worse, put out an emo album. So… how are you this fine day?
I’m doing good, it’s -8 deg. Fahrenheit here in Laramie Wyoming today. Other then the rough weather things are quite well.

Oh yeah, tell me about your band, your latest album, plans for the future, etc etc. Just make it quick because Scrubs is on.
Sure, our latest record is entitled “Warning Device” and it is out now on Red Scare. We are doing a full U.S. tour to support it with Dead To Me, you can check out the dates here.

Thanks for doing the interview, even though doing anything is so very pointless.