The Adicts (Monkey)

Interviews | Aug 28th, 2012

The Adicts have been touring pretty much the whole year and continue to do so. They will be touring in California, some cities in the Midwest and South in September and they also have a new album coming out as well! The new album is called “All the Young Droogs” and comes out on September 11th 2012. We sent some questions over to lead singer Monkey to answer, and below is what he said. Check them out and be sure to get the new album, it’s classic Adicts!

Tell us about the new record that is due to be released in September. Do I detect a nod to Mr. Bowie in the album title?
Well its a collection of catchy tunes and new ideas. There’s probably a nod to Bowie in about everything we do, but yeah Bowie and Mott the Hoople.

How did you get hooked up with DC Jam records?
Got connected through management, seems to be good so far.

What kind of mindset did you take in approaching new material for this album?
An open mind, we don’t have any preconceptions when we go to the studio. Its a mystery project.

Over the years, how has your process of writing new songs evolved?
We used to rehearse the songs to death before recording. Now we write as we go in the studio, letting the songs write themselves to some extent so we never quite know what we’ll end up with.

On PledgeMusic, you are offering a number of different packages for fans of the Adicts to purchase. Have you done anything this personalized before? Do you think this is the future of the music business?
Pledge is a good way for fans and band to get a little closer, we have always been a very accessible band. It might be the way to go, its very hard for bands like us that are not commercially successful to survive. We just want to keep on rocking.

You are the longest tenured punk band with their original line-up, how do you maintain that consistency?
That original line up statements are not true anymore. Mel hasn’t played with us for a while, still got 75% original though. Hard to explain why we stuck at it, probably got nothing better to do.

You have a pretty short run of US dates, are you looking to get back later this year or early next year with more extended touring?
Its actually our third US run this year so we’ve covered most of the ground. No more this year.

It looks like you are performing at Riot Fest in Chicago, are there any bands that you are looking forward to checking out?
Iggy, Neon Trees, and Gogol Bordello.

Being a band for over 35 years, you have influenced many, many bands. Who are you excited about right now?
I’ve become very fond of Guster.

We have a whole new generation of music fans. Why should a 15 year old kid in the States make the Adicts their favorite band?
Its good clean fun with a bit of sleaze here and there and we could be their Granddads.

Visit for further details about the tour and the new album.


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